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GOWORLD laundry flat ironing machine

GOWORLD laundry flat ironing machine


These are a series of laundry ironing machine under the GOWORLD brand. 

It’s has the characteristics of chest heating and inventor control speed,three-phase electrical system make sure the power for chest heating need.

We have overload protection,voltage and short circuit protection.The machine have inventor to control the variable frequency,you can change the speed according to fabric,it’s especially suitable for hospital laundry room,hotel laundry room,industries laundry room,and laundry shop.   We have steam heat,gas heat or electric heat as source to choose,steam heating roller can be order to single,double,three and four roll, and gas heating roller can be single,double,and three roll.electric heating roller can be order double roll.

The show Roller is gas heating type,roller length more than 3m,can adjust the speed and show the inventor on screen,can be connected to folding machine directly so that the flat ironed area and folding machine can be use effectively.

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