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Guide to Top 5 Beach Resorts in Thailand

by:GOWORLD     2020-07-06
Thailand is a country known for its unique-tasting food, ancient traditions, old and modern architecture, history-rich museums and temples, and its breathtaking beaches, especially the glorious Phuket beach hotels. Here is a list of several beaches and resorts found in Thailand. Tonsai Bay Ko Phi Phi Adventure, entertainment, and seclusion await visitors who find their way in Tonsai Bay. A round to Shark Point in Krabi or a short longtail boat trip from Railay West can get you to the spectacular Tonsai Beach. Located just between Phi Phi Ley and Phi Phi Don Islands, it's quite hard to miss Tonsai with its towering and breathtaking limestone cliffs. The 2-kilometer stretch of cliffs round the village like a shield, watching and guarding the village and its inhabitants. Tonsai Bay stays smooth and flat year round, providing a haven for water-sport enthusiasts. During monsoon months, the waves rise as tall as 5-meters high, a treat to the more adventurous surfboarders. During low tide, visitors must drag their feet and luggage through murky and slippery mud and rocks, as boats must anchor far from the beach. Nevertheless, Tonsai Bay is a wonderful place to relax or get into some adventurous activities. Bars and cafes are also sprawled near the beach, as well as numerous hotels and resorts that all offer remarkable views of the towering cliffs. Chaweng Beach Koh Samui While some islands around Phuket stay secluded and attract more somber crowds, Chaweng Beach in Koh Samui broke away from the quiet of traditional living and opened its shores to development and modern customs. The 6-kilometer Chaweng Beach is vibrating with life and energy. Lines of Phuket beach hotels and Phuket island resorts greet guests upon setting foot on the island. Just along the beach road parallel to the shore, there is an arresting number of restaurants, cafes, bars, and shopping centers. You can even find chains of Burger King and Starbucks, making Western guests feel more at home with Chaweng Beach in Koh Samui. In addition, unlike other beaches, Chaweng is near two hospitals with excellent facilities, the Samui International Hospital and Bangkok Samui Hospital. Although the stretch of ATMs, laundry services, vehicle rentals, pharmacies, congested traffic, and international stores and stalls gives the feeling of Western culture, Chaweng Beach still offer some traditional customs that gives guests the chance to experience Thai culture in this bustling area of Koh Samui. Surin Beach Phuket Famous for its delicious Thai foods and spectacular snorkeling sites, Surin Beach offers natural adventures and the fragrant quiet and peace by the unusually scattered pine trees. During high season, guests will find themselves enjoying the quiet waters, as well as the shade of the pine trees. The trees may seem unusual for a tropical beachfront, however, the trees provide a sweet-smelling aroma that soothes and relaxes both the body and soul. In monsoon months, tides are high and swimming farther is quite dangerous. Nevertheless, surf enthusiasts and adventuresome individuals cannot be stop from enjoying the high and dangerous waves generated by storms. Snorkeling is pretty popular in Surin Beach and equipment is easy to rent. However, surf board and kayaks will need to be rented in nearby Phuket beach hotels. Surfboarders are encouraged to carry their own boards for convenience. The beach also provides sun beds, tables, and umbrella, which Phuket holiday villa guests can rent for one day for THB 200. You can also watch the stillness of the ocean or the roaring waves at the beach while enjoying a relaxing spa treatment. Hat Sai Kaew Beach Koh Samet Also known as Diamond Beach, Hat Sai Kaew beach boasts its silvery-white sands and its almost 1-kilometer shoreline. Unlike other developed beaches around Phuket, Hat Sai Kaew beach offer a balance between people, activities, excellent accommodations, and a taste of paradise. Sure enough, the sunrise and sundown in Diamond Beach are sights to behold that can ease even the weariest soul. The heaven's blue and nature's lush green meet at the sea, providing the ocean a brilliant blue-green hue that beckons everyone to experience its clean and fresh sea water. Tired of sunbathing and looking expectantly at the sea? Try one of these water-sports: snorkeling, scuba diving, jet skiing, windsurfing, or banana boat ride to bring some shivers on your ever-relaxing body and soul. A sip of wine or cocktail at one of the bars along the beach allows you to mingle with the locals or guests from all over the world. Nai Yang Beach and Dewa Phuket Resort For those who seek a remote yet beautiful beach with some friendly accommodations, Nai Yang Beach is just the right resort. Situated near Sirinath National Park and regulated by Nai Yang National Marine Park, Nai Yang Beach is a protected area with little developments and lacks the commercialism of Karon and Patong Beach. Locals often visit the northern area that is nearest the park to spend some family time, have a picnic, and enjoy the brilliant sun and sea. There are choices of small beach huts that offer Thai street food and barbecued seafood. Walking southbound, you will find some bars, restaurants, and the Indigo Pearl, the only hotel operating all year round. The hotel offers traditional Thai massage and other spa treatments like reflexology and massage. You can also enjoy diving with the two diving schools in Nai Yang Beach. Get a glimpse of nearby reefs or visit the renowned Similan Island. Guests must know that Nai Yang Beach serves as the harbor of many angler boats so watch out for some angler's nets and equipment.
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