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Heating method and motor structure of laundry equipment

by:GOWORLD     2020-09-04

The heating function of laundry equipment is a must, because for many linens, the effect of cold water washing does not meet the standard requirements. Tablecloths, work clothes, towels and sheets, etc., which are similar to oily stains, need to be cleaned at high temperature to produce good washing results. There are two heating methods for laundry equipment, one is electric heating, and the other is steam heating. And not only laundry equipment requires boilers, but other equipment, such as ironing machines and drying machines, also need steam to help better work. Today, we will share relevant content for everyone, hoping to be helpful to everyone.

Generally, the steam heating method is generally selected by some relatively large washing service providers, such as washing factories and clothing factories. Some small units, such as hotels and guesthouses, still use electric heating. When the electric heating fails, there are generally only two reasons, one is that the AC coil is abnormal, and the other is that the electric heating tube loses its heating effect. But no matter what the situation is, once an abnormality is found, it must be repaired in time. In order to ensure the overall operating efficiency of the washing machine, it is necessary to ensure that all facilities can be used normally around the clock.

The motors used in laundry equipment mainly include capacitor-operated two-speed motors, single-phase series motors, and DD direct-drive variable-speed motors. Typical laundry equipment usually uses capacitor-operated two-speed motors and single-phase series motors. , And the DD direct drive variable speed motor is the mainstream of the new drum type washing machine.

1. Capacitor running two-speed motor
Capacitor-operated two-speed motors can also be referred to as two-speed motors for short.
There are two sets of windings in the motor, which are on the same stator core. The two sets of windings are 12-pole low-speed winding and 2-pole high-speed winding. In the washing process, since the low-speed winding works and drives the drum to wash the clothes, it can also be called the washing motor winding. In the dehydration process, the high-speed winding works to drive the drum washing to run at a high speed, throwing out the moisture in the clothes, so it can also be called the dehydration motor winding.

The 12-pole winding is a washing motor winding, which is composed of three windings: positive winding, secondary winding and common winding. The 2-pole winding is a dehydrating motor winding, which consists of two windings, a positive winding and a secondary winding.

The positive and secondary windings of the washing motor winding control the forward and reverse rotation of the motor, so they have the same wire diameter, number of turns, pole pitch and pitch. The wire diameter, number of turns, pole pitch and pitch of the common winding are different from those of the primary and secondary windings. These three windings adopt Y-shaped connection, and the three windings are 120°.

The dehydration motor windings can only run in one direction, so there is a clear difference between the positive and secondary windings. The wire diameter of the positive winding is thick, the number of turns is small, and the DC resistance is small; the wire diameter of the secondary winding is thin, the number of turns is large, and the DC resistance is large.

The common ends of the two sets of motor windings are connected together to form the common end of the two-speed motor. When the washing motor winding (12-pole winding) is connected, the washing machine drives the drum to run at a low speed to complete the washing function. When the dehydration motor winding (2-pole winding) is connected, the washing machine drives the drum at high speed to complete the dehydration function. And controlled by the program controller, the two sets of motor windings are interlocked, and the two sets of motor windings are not allowed to be connected and run at the same time.

The two-speed motor is started by the starting capacitor. The starting capacitor sends the starting signal to the circuit board of the program controller. After the signal sent by the starting capacitor is processed by the circuit board, it is input to the motor, and the two sets of windings of the motor are separately processed. Start/stop control.

2. Single-phase series motor of laundry equipment
The single-phase series motor is mainly composed of four parts: magnetic pole, electric drive, brush and commutator, and two important parts are the stationary part (stator) and rotating part (rotor and armature). The single-phase series-excited motor changes the direction of rotation by changing the polarity of the stator field winding and the rotor winding in series to realize the rotation of the motor in different directions. The single-phase series motor is used in conjunction with an electronic speed governor to change the speed of the motor by changing the output voltage of the electronic speed governor.

3. DD direct drive variable frequency motor for laundry equipment
DD direct drive variable frequency motor is a commonly used motor for new-type laundry equipment. DD direct drive variable frequency motor is mainly composed of stator core, rotor core, encoder disk, frame, radial bearing, etc. The radial bearing can withstand a certain axial force, so that the DD direct drive motor rotates stably during operation . The stator core part is composed of permanent magnets and windings. The magnetic field loop generated by the permanent magnet and the magnetic field loop generated by the coil generate magnetic force and act on the tooth gap to make the washing machine rotor rotate along the magnetic field direction of the tooth gap.

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