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Highway Hotels in Edmonton - The Home-Away-From-Home

by:GOWORLD     2020-07-03
A warm welcome from highway hotels awaits truckers in Edmonton Truckers spend half their life on highways/freeways. They prefer hotels which cater to their particular needs. Driving 18-wheelers is no child's play and they need roads where they can navigate easily their huge trucks. They are keen to have lodgings from which they will have no difficulty reaching major freeways and highways. Roads within city limits do not appeal to truckers as they restrict movements. Also they are keen about comfortable parking areas where they can park their trucks without difficulty. Highway hotels in Edmonton like Yellowhead Inn are ideal hotels for truckers because they suit the truckers' needs totally. What facilities make a hotel for truckers an ideal hangout? Sometimes finding a perfect lodging with good parking and all facilities can be a difficult task for the truckers. After spending long weary hours on road, they welcome a nice spot which will make them feel welcome and provide an easy relaxing time that will rejuvenate them for the next gruelling day on road. What they expect from hotels for truckers are: Why highway hotels on Edmonton are the favourites with truckers? Spending so much time on highways/freeways, no wonder the truckers have their own favourite spots for their night-halt where they not only enjoy basic amenities along with speedy check-in but also will have access to extras like a barbershop, telephones, televisions, high-speed internet, game rooms like VLT Lounges and laundry facilities. Highway hotels, Edmonton offer these and more. Along with all the above amenities, hotels for truckers have courteous and well-trained staff to take care of whatever special request asked of them - even going out of their way to oblige so that truckers want to come back whenever they come to Edmonton. Highway hotels on Yellowhead Trail - the best bet for the truckers! Inns and hotels on Yellowhead Trail - the highway in Edmonton - like Yellowhead Inn have the best of facilities expected from hotels for truckers like: TV High-speed internet Room service/timely wake-up call Maid service No wonder that these highway hotels in Edmonton are the perfect home-away-from-home like hotels for truckers!
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