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Hoover VHC391T Condenser Tumble Dryer

by:GOWORLD     2020-09-25
Hoover VHC391T Condenser Tumble Dryer is a stylish home appliance with a white colour which has the energy rating B. The greater the capacity the more the drying of clothes can be done at one time. Hoover VHC391T tumble dryer has a very large capacity and uses the latest technology. The low electrical consumption of this appliance indicates the power of the appliance and lowers the figure the less electricity it uses. Hoover VHC391T has easy to use features and it automatically stops the machine when the clothes have reached the level of dryness. It saves time, money and also cuts down the electricity bill. Hoover VHC391T has a standardized dimension of 850 x 600 x 600 cm with a noise level of about 67dba. Hoover has the drum capacity 115 litres, with 4 different drying temperatures for greater flexibility. The maximum capacity of this appliance is 9 kg it can be placed anywhere in the house it is also attached with a venting hose. The drum rotates in both the direction to help the untangled clothes and prevent from creases which makes ironing easier.
Hoover condenser dryer collects fibers from the clothes and the electronic control panel allows easy programming at a single touch of a button. Hoover condenser tumble dryer does not exhaust any air outside. They are less efficient and wash off any accumulated lint. Hoover condenser tumble dryer is easy to use the machine works out of the time required and gives a beep sound which ensures the washing process is completed and also gives efficient drying performance. Hoover tumble dryer has a clothes care features, time and energy saving programmes. The door opens widely for loading and unloading and the drum has the capacity of about 9 kg.
Hoover tumble-dryer is equipped with sensors which monitors the moisture levels and automatically starts the dryness level. Hoover has a range of wash programmes which includes wool, delicate and pre wash both light and heavy fabrics. Hoover dryer is provided with a fluff filter - once the washing is completed the front door is easy to open and clean completely. The fluff filter and the water container are easy to empty and the water container is also large so it is not required to empty all the time. Hoover condenser dryer has a highly efficient dryer with timed drying options. It has a spin stability system which balances the weight of the load. This product will really help you to solve your laundry problems.

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