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Hotel cleaning aseptic washing machines

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-15

after cleaning aseptic hotel laundry equipment, it not only reduce the number of tube containing bacteria, ensure the washing effect. At the same time because of all kinds of scale, scale, dirt, also boosted its into the drainage rate. More important is also can prolong the service life of the machine, reduce the inner barrel, chassis rust, fall off the problem. In that case, how do we how to cleaning of hotel cleaning equipment in addition to the bacteria?

need to prepare the material:

washing machine detergent, water right amount, brush, rust inhibitor.

operation method:

1, the first laundry detergent shall be carried out in accordance with the proportion of 3:1 dilution.

2, open the hotel laundry equipment, choose normal washing process, after waiting for the normal work of the machine, will be diluted detergent into the detergent box.

3, for water injection machine work is done, when you enter a formal washing procedure, pause, 20 - let the machine For 30 minutes.

4, after soaking, press the start key to hotel washing equipment in the process of washing, let its washing procedures for 20 minutes or so, and open the filter cleaning filter.

5, to wash after the program is running, clean screen pack again, after waiting for drainage, our visual cleaning effect, repeated operation, and use the brush to the inlet pipe, air inlet pipe, drainage pipe and other components on the difficult to remove scale, scale of breath and other key to remove dirt, clear and still need to check the inner barrel burr, burr we need to focus on.

6, for all cleaning work is completed, we once again to give the hotel inject water washing device, make it into the rinse procedure, repeatedly, until the cylinder is clean detergent and cleaning the dirt, and use clean cloth to wipe the scale, and open the door, let it dry naturally.

7, inner tube cleaning is finished, we can close the machine, and USES the cloth to scrub machine shell, remove the dirt from the chassis spots on bacteria, for all the work is completed, the rust inhibitor evenly daub on the body.

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