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Hotel cleaning equipment in the design of some application of energy saving and emission reduction

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-15

industrial washing machine is far more widely used in the washing machine, is the guesthouse, hotel, hospital, school, army, factory, dyeing factory, large industrial and mining enterprises laundry washing equipment, important in today's water resources are tight, how can save energy? The next industrial washing machine manufacturers to share the hotel laundry equipment in the design of some application of energy saving and emission reduction of the related content.

hotel cleaning equipment in the discharge of waste water, waste water the second and third rinse water quality is better, can be used as a cylinder clothing prewash, wash and rinse water; Due to the use of hotel cleaning equipment without waste water recycling function, all the units will be the waste water directly into the sewer, cause serious waste of water resources. Hotel of water-saving washing equipment is the core of the automatic control system of water-saving automatic controller, water-saving automatic controller USES the digital electronic technology, automatic hotel washing equipment of feed water and drainage for automatic control, the implementation of washing water and wastewater discharge, the prewash, wash and rinse the pollution wastewater discharged into the sewage pipe. Water will be a good rinse wastewater collected and automatically reuse, achieve the goal of saving water.

hotel water-saving washing equipment control principle is: the automatic laundry equipment of the hotel water, drainage, open out the ac electrical signal, the signal conversion circuit converts dc pulse signal to the counter, counter output terminal of the output is high, the low potential, the switching circuit and dc relay, control opening and closing of electromagnetic valve or pump motor, realize the automatic washing equipment of the hotel of feed water and drainage to automatic control. Specific operation is on the automatic washing equipment of the hotel drain with a tee, two solenoid valve installed on the two outlet control drainage direction, a gateway to the sewage pipe, a tank to recycle, electromagnetic valve opening and closing controlled by water saving controller, automatic hotel laundry equipment prewash, wash and rinse wastewater discharge to the sewer, the second and third rinse wastewater discharge to the recycling pool, repeated use.

today a grave shortage of water resources, water conservation, energy conservation and emissions reduction, environmental protection is related to the future generations of cause, it is our bounden duty and we must also future generations a castle peak green water environment.

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