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Hotel cleaning equipment manufacturer belt you know what is the dry cleaning

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-05

dry cleaning believe most family will come into contact with, but every time we put the clothes into the dry cleaners, expensive dry cleaning fee, but my heart will always wonder, what business is really doing laundry? The next hotel laundry equipment manufacturer will talk about the laundry related content, and which clothes to dry cleaning? What kind of clothes can't dry cleaning?

in the first place, hotel cleaning equipment manufacturer everyone to understand what is the dry cleaning? Dry cleaning is to use organic solvent to wash clothes, to remove oil stain or a dry into dry out the washing. Because the water not in direct contact with clothing, washing clothes so called dry cleaning. The main characteristics of dry cleaning is to avoid water damage to clothing fabrics, not shrink, deformation, good protective color, not easy to cause clothes fade, soft, easy to ironing and can thoroughly clean the oil pollution or stain on clothes. Suitable for those who should not be washed fabric and fade. Has excellent to prevent deformation and keep fiber fabric colour and lustre is original advantages, as well as increasing the wear life of the clothes. After washing and disinfection and sterilization of special efficacy is not easy to eat by moth to preserve.

general dry cleaners in the use of tetrachloroethylene, because this kind of dry cleaning solvent of harm to human health, so the hotel cleaning equipment manufacturers recommend dry cleaning equipment must be adopt totally closed machine, to prevent the leakage. Everyday little said also want to buy a tetrachloroethylene dry cleaners in the more than 10, ten thousand yuan, the price of a barrel of tetrachloroethylene is about 6000 yuan to 8000 yuan, in general, a bucket of dry cleaning solvent can wash - 1000 1200 pieces of clothes. At the same time, tetrachloroethylene and benefit, high temperature distillation filtering, it can be recycled to reuse.

so what varieties of clothes can't dry cleaning? Next hotel laundry equipment manufacturers to talk about what are the main classification?

( 1) A coating chemical fiber texture of the clothing can not dry cleaning; Because of high temperature and organic solvent coating to harden. ( 2) Electrostatic flocking clothing; This seemingly corduroy fabrics, suede will fall off after dry cleaning. ( 3) Artificial leather and artificial leather clothing accessories; Will open fission hard after dry cleaning. ( 4) Feather clothes do not dry cleaning; Clothing dry cleaning will degrease the feather, so the washing as well. ( 5) Beading more clothes can't dry cleaning; Some clothes buttons will melt deformation in dry cleaning, general dry cleaners can pick the button for the customer. ( 6) The color contrast is bigger and dyeing rickety article of clothing, when dry cleaning easy string color, not suitable for dry cleaning.

all in all, hotel cleaning equipment manufacturer recommends the use of dry cleaning equipment, be sure to know what type of washing, avoid to cause unnecessary loss of clothes, but also pay attention to your health, even tetrachloroethylene role is very big, also should pay attention to use. General formal clothing manufacturers can sew clothes washing method on the lining, just do what washing label instructions. If no, better find a regular dry cleaners, experts will give you the right advice.

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