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Hotel cleaning equipment manufacturer price

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-11

now more and more hotels will buy large washing machine for cleaning cloth grass, to reduce the high cost brought by the outsourcing of washing, washing quality problem is not easy to control. And want to buy hotel cleaning equipment, so it is necessary to you to know what are the manufacturer of the current, what is the current market price.

hotel, commonly known as the industrial washing machine laundry equipment, said the capacity in more than 15 kg washing machine products, compared with the traditional household washing machine, the advantages lies in the large capacity of washing, washing machine, strong decontamination effect is good, low failure rate and long service life.

hotel cleaning equipment manufacturer, not talking about import, is single in terms of our domestic manufacturers at present, there are as many as dozens of large and small, more concentrated in jiangsu, and guangdong, Hong Kong and for different manufacturers, the production ability, service ability, the differences between the manufacturing process, make the performance of the product itself, quality, price has a certain difference. For our consumers, we can not blindly to choose when the choice better, also can't pursue cheap to choose less, we should be used according to their own needs more time and budget to choose a relatively appropriate. Among this comparison, we can through understanding the select material of each manufacturer product material, price, after-sales service, etc. Make sense of these, you will know that the choice and which factory to cooperate.

hotel laundry equipment prices, depending on factors are many, in addition to the brand effect, there are differences in capacity, material, function, etc. Tend to be better capacity is bigger, material, function more comprehensive the higher price. Theory of capacity hotel laundry equipment for 15, 20, 30, 50, 70, 100 and 120 kg. Theory of common steel, SUS201 material the stainless steel, SUS304 stainless steel, etc. Theory of function of the traditional des a shape, also have elution baked a body, is more washing and automatic discharge type.

even if there are so many factors will restrict the hotel cleaning equipment prices, but for our consumers the choice of which is nothing but a specific product. So the actual choice, we should be used with specific requirements as a benchmark. Such as capacity, we can calculate the washing capacity: to select an hour, such as function, we can according to the request of grass cloth washing and personnel allocation to the corresponding selection, specific you can on the website WWW. sh - 丽江。 Com online consulting relevant information.

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