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Hotel cleaning equipment to remove stains oily be soiled skills

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-11

hotel laundry equipment to wash clothing mainly contain oil, protein, tannin, pigment and water-soluble stains, like restaurants, factories, and other fields of stain type on the linen fabric is mainly oil stain, the stain poorly soluble in water, and it is not easy to clean, at the time of use the hotel cleaning equipment, how to accelerate the dissolve oil stain?

oil stain is mainly contains oil and pigment which is formed by the animal and plant oil or mineral oil, once these substances on the fabric color or destroy the fabric fiber structure, it is difficult to be washed away. Therefore, experts recommend hotel cleaning equipment in the washing fabrics containing oil stains, first of all, you should use professional organic solvent to remove stains in the oil, and the remaining pigmentation to adopt HTP - To get rid of floating lotion is decomposed and then. Usually used in addition to dissolve grease with alcohol, xylene, tetrachloroethylene, n-butyl alcohol and other organic solvents, we common marker such as printing ink stain should use gasoline to remove; And like the old, possession of paint fabric wetting agent can be used to remove.

because each kind of element of grease stain is different, in the selection of detergent for this time you may need to adjust measures to local conditions. Equipment expert advice before use hotel laundry equipment, for some cleaning besmirch hard, we can better use professional decontamination dissolved in advance cleaning, and then into the washing machine cleaning, cleaning effect will be more so. In addition, compared to the cold water, grease stains more easily dissolved in warm water, therefore, when using hotel washing equipment, the choice of the water temperature is an important factor affecting the effects of washing clothes.

hotel washing equipment will be mostly on fabric washing liquid oily dirt adhere to the above, therefore, soak the clothes in the washing liquid, detergent penetration of the surfactant molecules in the interface between oil and fibers and the fibers, and to the oil pollution and fiber orientation adsorption, at this time, attached to the clothing stains will slowly from the fiber, scouring role.

however, in the actual process of washing, don't borrow outside force is almost no clean clothes to wash, especially like the hotel need to wash a lot of clothes, if without the help of professional hotel washing equipment clothing washing will be a difficult task. This is because the detergent molecules is not so easy to infiltrate the dirt with fiber interface between, need help to do with, so as to effectively to remove stains from clothing.

in the washing process, in addition to use detergent and the role of external force, the water temperature is an important factor cannot be ignored. In general, when what is to be washing cotton soaked in washing liquid, the fiber will be soaking water swelling, so at the time of using hotel laundry equipment wash, can accelerate the stain removal, the oil is easier to fall off, but in warm water and cold water washing effect is different, the practice proved that warm water scouring effect will be better, this is mainly because the temperature increase, the adsorption and permeation, can promote the detergent in the hotel under the action of washing equipment, effectively remove dirt, clean clothes.

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