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Hotel cleaning equipment which is really good and cost-effective

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-10

hotel washing equipment mainly role within the hotel linen washing digestion, at this stage can be applied to hotel laundry equipment types are mainly of horizontal industrial washing machine, fully automatic washing, elution drying machine. For these three classes which is applied to the hotel is good and worthwhile?

the first is horizontal industrial washing machine, the machine is applied in each hotel has a long history of the machine with the washing effect is good, the advantages of low price is the bigger, but the low degree of automation, covers an area of big, and dewatering machine is the more striking faults. Against such a situation, the series of hotel cleaning equipment for limited funding, daily linen washing needs smaller, or laundry staff is sufficient for the hotel is very good and cost-effective.

followed by automatic washing, the machine is in recent years, the hotel laundry is widely applied for the single machine with multiple functions such as water washing, dehydration, rinse to one of the hotel cleaning equipment, high degree of automation, energy saving, cover an area of an area small, single function is all the more bright spot, but 2 - 3 times the horizontal industrial washing machine price is still not to consider the different capital limited hotel. So of fully automatic washing for larger scale, more room, daily, equipment automation requires higher grass cloth washing capacity: the hotel is very good and cost-effective.

then there are washing and drying machine this machine as a stand-alone function more in present market a washing equipment, is a model of the more advanced at present, this single machine can complete water to wash, rinse, dehydration, drying multiple operations. So single high functional integration, and laundry saves time and effort is the greater advantages. But in perspective, the machine failure rate is a bit high, single day limited application duration is the fatal flaws. So that the small guest house, scenic hotel is a small hotel is very good and cost-effective.

overall, the above three kinds of hotel cleaning equipment in different hotel has its own applicability, so for you need to purchase a hotel cleaning equipment, which is good and worthwhile, we have to refer to your hotel scale, the average daily linen washing requirements such as the case may be.

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