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Hotel cloth grass at core washing equipment need to pay attention to four aspects

by:GOWORLD     2020-10-31

, first washed before formally, we should first will be the core, which is the use of the linen laundry equipment, which can be dry cleaning, which is not dry and not washed. Hotel commonly used by core, mainly has the feather, pure cotton, silk, fiber, wool of several major categories, including dry clean wool, silk class is the core, can be washed is down, the type of fiber core, and pure cotton and silk commodities by core is belongs to neither water nor dry cleaning.

second, select the appropriate grass cloth laundry equipment: classification is completed, then choose the corresponding laundry machines. Which we need to pay special attention to specifications, capacity choice, try to choose capacity than 20 - by the great XiBei core weight 30% of the washing machine, such as washing 10 kg by core we should choose 15 20 kg of grass cloth washing equipment. This is mainly to ensure that the rotation and vigorously dry expansion and strong water imbibition be core can be effective loading linen laundry equipment, such as overloading.

third, choose the appropriate detergent: by core after touching water in general is relatively heavy, rinse it has certain difficulty, so its whether it is washed or dry-cleaned we all should pay special attention to scour quantity control, to ensure that there will not be caused by too much detergent on the subsequent rinse thoroughly, no more will cause detergent residues, cost is core to harden, warmth retention property.

4, select the correct drying way: by core due to large thickness, filling more flammable substances, so we do not to be put into industrial dryer and ironing machine for drying ironing, recommend choosing the way of natural air dry.

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