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Hotel hotels have standard washing machine using the process

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-20

for hotel washing machine industry, the main consumer marketers is hotel, hotel, hospital and laundry factory and other places. But from an objective point of view, compared with other laundry factory, hotel and hotel laundry factory, the existence of time may be longer. But for now the hotel and the hotel, although the existence of the laundry factory equipment is relatively perfect, but the relevant safety requirements and operating standards, but still not have value. Some news in recent days, also often see some hotels and hotel laundry factory, because there is no washing machine according to the standard of the hotel, so cause the existence of some safety accidents. Single not safe hidden trouble, in fact, if the hotel and hotel to laundry plant more effective operation, let the enterprise profits wider and actually learn to some relevant washing operation standard.

hotel cloth grass washing machine operating conditions, as well as relevant operating standards, there must be a certain process. And on the issue of safe hidden trouble, can not miss every detail. And under the relevant standards, is the company after investigation and analysis, summarized by a more formal standard requirements.

on linen accept check situation first, you need to do some routing of standard setting. Including linen recycling record, relevant industry related to the quality of linen washing test, and for consultation with a situation with a client, and help the cloth grass foreign matter clear, and so on. Many companies for this step is not very seriously, so the missed some of the foreign matter or valuables cases, obviously some safe hidden trouble. Of course can also put the link, linen classification.

followed by the classification of linen, in this part, must be in accordance with the relevant professional advice, to develop a standard classification rules. Including washing categories, is the dry cleaning dry clean, wet wash or hand wash and iron net, and so on, the color of the cloth grass, its thickness and quality of a material, and so on. Then after the classification, also need to conduct a preliminary decontamination processing. For some obvious besmirch, must carry on the simple processing.

then washing process is more important, the process of the standards must be strictly. Only strict standards, can guarantee to lower the accident probability, to ensure the efficient operation of the laundry factory. These security standards set, including personnel, equipment of the distribution of usage, the operation of the equipment, as well as the maintenance and the maintenance of the whole and so on. In fact, in many places there are safety and prevention first. And from the reality, washing machine to use at the hotel, there should also be the slogan. In the case of ensure the safety of equipment, ensure the safety of using the device's standard case, often also can achieve a higher efficiency standards. Actually both at the time of purchase hotel washing machine, and in the process of use, many small parts will affect the efficiency and safety of use.

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