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Hotel industrial washing machine and working principle of the analytic theory of how to better wash cloth grass

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-20

hotel industrial washing machine operation, we all need to understand how it works, so that we can make it work efficiency is wider, to talk about today hotel industrial washing machine works.

the first hotel industrial washing machine washing principle is: motor drive the device to the transmission system, through the belt to drive the rotation of the inner cylinder, then inside the drum linen circular orbits, when the speed of the roller is higher and higher, the friction between linen, the softening effect, coupled with the detergent makes cloth grass stains off, fall off, so as to achieve the purpose of washing.

and then, the principle of dehydration and household washing machine is the same, by the principle of centrifugal, the water is separated from the cloth grass, after take off the water, of course, also need according to conduct a rinse, principle and the steps are the same.

the other hotel industrial washing machine has two light above, inching and automatic, this we need to operate according to the circumstance.

the correct use of the hotel industry with the washing machine to wash cloth grass, the effect of directly affect the cloth grass to wash out, and the effect of a direct impact on our business, under the detailed instructions, how to correctly use industrial washing machine washing hotel cloth grass:

1, according to the elements of linen and dirty cleaning degree classification, especially with corrosive stain cloth grass, must process first, and then wash, or corrosive liquid will not only damage the equipment, as well as damage to other linen.

2. The classification of linen prewash, also is what we usually call soaked.

3, will be filled with water, hotel industrial washing machine here to fill so-called refers to the water completely cover cloth grass, then an official washing.

4, add the appropriate detergent, need according to have here in the drum inside cloth grass stains to join, join the bleaching agent, brightener, etc.

5, dehydration, and then rinse, this is to be done, or detergent will remain on the cloth grass, catalytic is linen, easy deformation and damage.

6, drying, to the requirement of drying is not large, only need to set temperature and time.

overall, attention is washed out things must be clean, health and safety, the laundry can begin from this.

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