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Hotel industrial washing machine blanket washing method and attention points

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-07

hotel industrial washing machine blanket washing, what should you pay attention to? For there are always some laundry washing blanket demand, because the blanket is different from traditional bed sheet, quilt cover, it with strong water is stronger, and more dirt hidden in the depths of the plush, thus let some users question to hotel industrial washing machine can wash blanket and specific measures for implementation. Consulting the relevant water experts on this question, the answer to the following.

technically use industrial washing machine washing blanket hotel as long as the right way, so it is absolutely possible, so only say this because our hotel industrial washing machine, large capacity, strong cleaning power, steel material production, including large capacity is the bother of the traditional washing machine not put big blanket. While the power is strong, can effectively solve the blanket for attached weight greaten after water washing is not trouble. The steel material production is to be free to let us in when washing a blanket, can put some strong to stains but slightly corrosive chemical detergent. To avoid the traditional plastic and iron washer adhesion such detergent can damage the rusty problem.

about how to use the hotel industrial washing machine is to properly wash blanket, relevant experts believe that the user may wish to use strong presoak drift, strong, strong, strong to take off the four strong washing method, strong of presoak presoak means more than 3 hours, at the same time in at the same time, we also need to add some scouring agent, because only in this way can our blankets are sufficient soaking wet, wool cloth with soft nap of dirt can be effective dilution.

about strong washing is as far as possible when choosing washing procedure to choose the washing speed higher for longer, washing washing process, so that we can ensure a blanket in the hotel industry can be fully mixing of washing with laundry equipment, at the same time we should also be detergent, chemical agent match, such as softening agent to ensure comprehensive effectiveness of scouring.

about drift is strong in the Lord after washing rinsing, we should control the rinse water and rinsing time, at the same time the rinse times should be not less than three times. Ensure the prewash and master on blanket of dirt and residue after washing detergent can be rinsed off, does not affect the subsequent dehydration and practical use.

about strong is off we use hotel industrial washing machine dehydration process was carried out on the blanket must assure the effectiveness of the dehydration dehydration, generally speaking, for such a heavy blanket and the attached water strong cloth grass, the choice of the high speed should be not less than 760 r/min, because only in this way can we dumped as much as possible to the excess moisture in the blanket, to ensure that the subsequent drying or air basks in convenience.

in general use of the hotel industry is a work with washing machine washing blanket and difficult thing, so we in order to ensure the washing effect, be sure to refer to the above methods and regulations to point by point.

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