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Hotel industry is analysed with washing machine water level

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-20

in the use of the hotel industry in the process of washing machine to clean linen, hotel industry plays the leading role with the washing in the washing machine, and in the main, some washing factory, are not very attention to the problem of adjusting water level, but in the process of washing, the main washing part of water level is also a key to the problem, will directly affect the main washing effect and quality, so in the main washing according to the varieties of materials and fabrics, and the degree of dirt. Using different water to clean.

most main washing process with low water level. The impact of the low water level water stronger to water-soluble dirt pulled away from fabric. Produced by friction is better, and high water level though enough water. But the washing machine force caused by washing machine roller rotation have been too much water to slow down. Could not form enough water impact, therefore the friction between the fabric reduce, reduce the washing effect, there are even wash not clean. So when not using high water level in the Lord.

the water level of high and low also affects the quantity and the concentration of input washing raw materials. Result in an increase in the washing cost. The water in the low water level impact with the hotel industrial washing machine mechanical force also have relations. And also has close relationship with wash content installed base. When hotel industrial washing machine drum rotation to produce mechanical force can lead to washing liquid impact. Also led to the impetus and extrusion between fabric production. Can accelerate the lotion and the relative movement between fabric. Friction. Makes lotion to squeeze fabric fiber gap, make the dirt out and spread to the washing liquid.

hotel mechanical force of industrial washing machine is also reflected in fabric roll Jane lifting up and down the impact of the fall in produce. Fabric is not synchronous movement of the rubbing friction between layers. The fabric of the friction between the drum wall, fabric is associated with the relative movement between the washing liquid diffusion.

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