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Hotel is analysed in the fall and winter of industrial washing machine use small coup

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-18

is the autumn and winter seasons hotel industrial washing machine is not only used more frequently, two seasons at the same time, because the quality of the processing linen greaten, dirt heavier so its working pressure is bigger also. So hotel industrial washing machine manufacturers to share a few tips can effectively alleviate these problems, improve the hotel service efficiency of industrial washing machine is qiu dong season.

1, make the

our hotel industrial washing machine is a powerful machine equipments, a lot of features in actual production we can ignore it, such as hot water washing function. Hotel industrial washing machine's own electric heating or steam heating function, can be cold water heating to the preset temperature. Thus by hot water washing to improve linen washing scouring effect. In autumn winter season so we might as well open more hotel industrial washing machine under similar function, the best advantage.

2, scientific washing

science is to reduce the hotel industrial washing machine washing work pressure of decontamination effect in the ascension. And the science of washing is based on a detailed cleaning procedure, standardize the operation of the technique, excellent washing process. So in autumn and winter season, as the nature of wash cloth grass and hard factors change again, we must make efforts to science and washing. The operational there, but by adding presoak cloth grass process to speed up the cloth grass dirt off, by controlling the washing, rinse water to alleviate the pressure of the hotel industrial washing machine working and reduce detergent residues on the cloth grass, by choosing suitable detergent to gauge for detergent free laundry cloth grass is caused by improper selection problem, and so on.

3, reasonable maintenance

autumn winter season, as the hotel industrial washing machine working pressure gets bigger, so we also need to strengthen the corresponding maintenance enforcement. For use in high strength used under the environment of hotel industrial washing machine can get effective supply maintenance. To avoid pressure and failed to timely and effectively maintain mechanical parts deviation caused damage, and various problems such as failure, accident occurred.

3 points above techniques suggested in qiu dong season when using hotel industrial washing machine can real effective methods, hope the broad masses of users to the implementation of practical and effective. To ensure our hotel industrial washing machine can bring us a big help in qiu dong season but also reduce the probability of its own problems.

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