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Hotel knowledge washing equipment safety operation and matters needing attention

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-09

hotel laundry equipment/automatic laundry equipment has came in a very, very common people's lives, and operating these high-tech equipment also needs to have certain knowledge of talent. Automatic washing divided into automatic program control operation and manual button control, in fact this two kinds of operating mode are needs certain operating technology. Hotel washing equipment operating personnel should not only accept professional operation skills training should also learn some knowledge of safe operation, in order to avoid because of improper operation and cause accidents. Then today will give you the laundry staff to share how to safe operation of hotel laundry equipment wash offline.

1, detergent must pass hotel washing soap box to join washing equipment, it is forbidden to add detergent opened the front door.

2, holds the volatile fuel linen ( Such as stained with gasoline clothes) Prohibited in the hotel washing washing laundry equipment, in case of an explosion accident.

3, should be in strict accordance with the operation of the machine operation manual, if there are any trouble, please contact the dealer or the local manufacturer, do not repair itself.

4, in hotel laundry equipment wash off line heating, it is forbidden to open the soap box, prevent the steam or hot water scald.

5, it is strictly prohibited inside the machine wash cloth grass outside of any other things, such as metal objects.

6, hotel cleaning equipment washing before completely stop running, it is strictly prohibited to hand or other objects into the cage, it will lead to the happening of the accident.

7, fully automatic hotel safety switch or parts laundry equipment wash offline after damage, it is forbidden to boot, otherwise once happened in some cases, can cause very serious consequences.

8, solid detergent must water diluted into the soap box, and must be before the start of the washing procedure into the ban in the process of washing and then add detergent to wash offline, better place time is after the water, heating before as well.

equipment safety operation of learning is very important, because safety accidents caused by improper operation, we have to share a lot of paper, there is not much nagging, anyway, all the staff for their own safety, to the personal safety of others, in order to own a happy family, please carefully study well in this regard, knowledge before mount guard operation equipment.

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