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- hotel laundry equipment Hotel linen wash not clean

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-07

linen is our common towel, etc. , of our own home use cloth grass, in use after a period of time will damage phenomenon, this all belongs to the natural phenomenon. Hotel laundry room in the hotel linen washing laundry equipment, hotel cloth grass in use damaged, usually have two kinds of phenomena, respectively is intermediate breakage and whole root yarn, yarn around then began to fall off.

use the hotel laundry laundry equipment in the process of linen, clean laundry staff hotel cloth grass not classification, in order to wash cloth grass stains, takes the way of strong wash, add a lot of bleach, heavy use of bleach, early out of cloth is as white as the new grass. But in the use of hotel laundry equipment when catharsis, because join bleach can't rinse clean, after repeated use bleach cloth grass, gradually appeared the hardening state of hardening of linen in the guest use complaints, don't have enough quality, softness is not enough. Laundry received such complaints, usually in the hotel laundry put complaisant agent diffusion processing equipment, use of fabric softener in the grass, softness, and linen again after a large number of chemical agent use yellowing phenomenon, laundry room with bleach bleaching again, led to a vicious cycle. Wash cloth grass, heavy use of such a manner will appear different degrees of cloth grass hollow position hole phenomenon, the wastage of the linen is not naturally from the edge burrs, directly from the middle ground.

laundry or hotel laundry in hotel laundry equipment wash a lot of cloth grass, to reduce the number of laundry staff labor intensity and is usually too much into the linen to the hotel laundry equipment, machine, overtime exceeding strong cleaning and washing operation, results in uneven wash cloth grass, some grass cloth rubbing, some grass cloth washing does not reach the designated position. Repeated friction wear linen squeezed by machine, very prone to reel off raw silk from cocoons, cloth grass appears reel off raw silk from cocoons, broken into strips, gradually to spread around.

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