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- hotel laundry equipment Hotel linen yellow after washing

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-04

with the increase of people's living standard, the hotel service industry has become more and more, so the competitiveness of the hotel industry is also very big, so how to make your hotel can have a good advantage in the market, the main content is belongs to the quality of service, and one of the important quality of service is the hotel hygiene washing this piece, so in order to guarantee the quality of washing, use the hotel laundry equipment also becomes more and more important, then, the hotel laundry equipment manufacturers to share hotel linen yellow after washing to do the related content. General cloth grass to wash after a period of time began extensive blond, grey, linen detergent can solve linen yellowing phenomenon? Let the hotel laundry equipment manufacturer for you about led to linen yellowing of the three big problems.

1, when we use the hotel laundry equipment for washing, linen washing the material we used commonly are strong alkaline washing powder detergent. Linen once after strong alkaline detergent, detergent to wash without reasonable arrangement is better than acid would let the cloth grass slowly yellowing.

2, when we use the hotel laundry laundry equipment, using high temperature washing customers generally choose chlorine bleaching powder to bleached fabric, and sometimes I don't know chlorine bleaching powder after high temperature chlorination bleached fabric fabric will have a lot of corrosive repeated bleaching linen started yellowing.

3, when we use the hotel laundry equipment for washing, many times, water washing Chinese medicine attaches great importance to the project, generally in our normal wash cloth grass is tap water without water softening, contains all kinds of mineral and chemical composition, thereby washing powder, detergent products under the condition of the water washing have led to the linen yellowing phenomenon.

all in all, the hotel laundry equipment manufacturers think this problem is quite common, many factory have reaction, grass cloth washing color after a period of time began to decline, many customers are complaining about. The linen detergent can solve this problem? First of all, we should first analyse the causes of the problem, rather than a simple pin their hopes on the linen detergent. Linen produce such phenomenon with water, detergent, cloth grass craft workers operation, there is a certain relationship. If you have a soft water equipment, workers operation is also very standard, you can try to replace the currently used linen detergent. So the hotel in order to guarantee the quality of washing, introduces the hotel laundry equipment is necessary.

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