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- hotel laundry equipment How to save the use of hotel linen washing liquid

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-04

as people life level of ascension, the hotel industry is quickly developing, demand for hotel laundry equipment also becomes more and more big. Because the hotel often have the use of cloth grass and use frequency is bigger, so on cost is becoming more and more is also high. How to reduce the breakage of the hotel linen, in addition to the use of the daily need to pay attention to, also need to do is how to reduce the wastage of the linen in washing, including the use of the hotel linen washing liquid. Hotel cloth grass is also have certain life, actually this kind of life with our washing habits at ordinary times is also has a certain relationship, the hotel laundry equipment manufacturers to share some of the ways to reduce cloth grass reported loss rate, can also save the washing liquid when washing.

, first before using hotel laundry equipment for washing of grass cloth make classification processing, make the wash more targeted.

the second, when using hotel laundry equipment for washing, choose reasonable ratio of targeted detergent.

third, each manufacturer factory washing machine has its specific capacity, recommendations shall be carried out in accordance with the equipment specifications specified by washing capacity, the linen one the rated capacity of the washing machine washing capacity 85% ~ is quite reasonable.

4, in the process of using hotel laundry equipment for washing, the reasonable configuration of washing time and washing temperature, general washing procedure according to different cloth such as bed sheet, quilt cover, table cloth grass species classification, at the same time consider equipment for washing of program design. When designing program, water quality, wash the fabric status, wash fabric on the kinds of dirt and pollution degree, washing chemicals, laundry equipment, selection of water level for further analysis.

5, pay attention to the use of bleaching technology. Wash cloth grass process without bleaching process, to make the wash thing can drift to remove stains and good whiteness, this depends on the bleach strong oxidation, but the bleaching process is also the process of endangering the service life of the fabric, so deal with bleaching process is one of the key factors of loss of control of linen.

the above for hotel laundry equipment manufacturer summary for everybody to save hotel linen washing liquid to use skills, like washing personnel at the time of washing can also extend the service life of the hotel linen, thereby lowering the hotel cloth grass reported loss rate.

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