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Hotel Laundry Equipment Manufacturer Wholesale Price

Hotel Laundry Equipment Manufacturer Wholesale Price


Description: Buying a set of hotel laundry room equipment can cost tens of thousands at least, and it is possible to spend more than ten and two hundred thousand yuan. So what are the advantages of choosing hotel laundry room equipment wholesale? Is the price cheap?

Most buyers of laundry room equipment are concerned about the price, especially customers who need to buy hotel laundry room equipment, because buying a set of hotel laundry room equipment including washing, drying and ironing will cost tens of thousands at least, and more than ten thousand. It is also possible to have as many as 200,000 yuan, so most buyers will directly find manufacturers for wholesale instead of middlemen. So what are the benefits of choosing hotel laundry equipment manufacturers for wholesale? Is the price cheap? Let's talk about it together.

At present, the laundry room equipment generally includes three types of equipment: washing, drying and ironing. However, for the hotel laundry room, in order to improve work efficiency, there will also be folding equipment. According to the laundry needs of the laundry room, whether to add dry cleaning equipment and cloth Grass post-processing equipment includes clip ironing machine, ironing table and so on. Let’s talk about the washing equipment of hotel laundry room first. Most of them choose suspension washing machine as the main washing equipment. The price will change according to the size of the capacity. Because it is not used for household washing machines, the washing equipment of laundry room uses high-quality electrical accessories. It is made of stainless steel materials, so normally, a laundry room equipment manufacturer needs to spend tens of thousands of yuan for wholesale one. If it is an intermediary or a manufacturer who purchases it on behalf of others, it will normally charge a few thousand or tens of thousands of intermediary fees, so Down to buy a hotel laundry room equipment may have tens of thousands into the pockets of the intermediary. But of course, hotel laundry room equipment manufacturers are not all over the country. The advantage of choosing an intermediary is that it is convenient to buy. When there is a problem, the repair and maintenance and other services can also be quickly placed in the local area. However, in general, when encountering difficult maintenance problems, the intermediary also needs to find the manufacturer to arrange personnel for maintenance. Therefore, the pros and cons of the manufacturer's wholesale and the purchase of the intermediary also need to be weighed by the hotel laundry room equipment purchaser.

A set of hotel laundry equipment may cost more than 100,000 yuan. The price is very high. It may be a little difficult for ordinary laundry rooms with relatively low budgets. The price difference between middlemen may make these buyers even worse, so just choose the quality Manufacturers with better after-sales service can prevent such things from happening. If you have friends who need to buy hotel laundry room equipment, you can contact Foshan Jieji Washing Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. Our laundry room equipment manufacturer services (external chain) include laundry Room equipment selection consultation, laundry room layout design, washing equipment installation and operation training are all guided by customer needs.

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