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Hotel laundry room equipment configuration ironing machine

Hotel laundry room equipment configuration ironing machine


hotel laundry room equipment, ironing machine


Description: In addition to the most commonly used washing and drying equipment in hotel laundry room equipment, ironing machine is also the most critical equipment. Let's talk about some methods of choosing and configuring ironing machine for hotel laundry room equipment.

There are three heating methods of ironing machine, namely electric heating, steam heating and gas heating:

The structure of the electric heating ironing machine is an electric heating device, a stainless steel drum, and the electric heating device is installed in the middle of the drum to heat the drum. The electric heating device is usually composed of multiple electric heating pipes. Adjust the speed adjustment device.

The structure of the steam heating ironing machine is more complicated. In addition to the stainless steel drum and the fixed frame, there are also steam pipes, drainage pipes and traps. The ironing machine has no heating device, and its heating system is mainly composed of an external steam generator. The generated hot steam is transported to the drum of the ironing machine for heating through the steam pipeline. Due to the use of steam, there will be a little pressure inside the drum. In order to prevent accidents, the steam heating ironing machine will be equipped with a pressure safety valve, as long as the inside of the drum If the steam pressure exceeds the set index, it will automatically deflate and decompress.

As the name implies, the gas heating ironing machine needs to use natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas for heating. The composition structure includes a burner, a gas pipeline, and a gas supply and exhaust system. The gas enters the burner for combustion to heat the drum. Gas heating The advantage of the ironing machine is that it heats up quickly, but temperature control will be more difficult.

The main features of Foshan GOWORLD Hotel laundry room equipment ironing machine include:

1. Use the intelligent inverter to control and adjust the rotation speed of the roller of the ironing machine, which is easy to operate.

2. Using direct heating stainless steel drum, the heat conduction efficiency is high, and it is easier to conduct heat to the linen

3. Have a variety of heating options, including electric heating, gas heating and steam heating, through direct heating of drum and bottom tank heating, a variety of options

4. The ironing machine drum adopts stainless steel spring pad and high temperature resistant felt, which makes the contact between the drum and the linen better.

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