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Hotel laundry room equipment performance indicators

Hotel laundry room equipment performance indicators


Description: The laundry room is an indispensable part of the hotel. Compared with outsourcing washing, the hotel laundry room equipment can save costs for the hotel in the long term and improve the washing efficiency of linen such as towels, sheets, etc. Therefore, when we choose the suitable hotel laundry room equipment, its Performance indicators are an indispensable and important consideration, so how should we judge the performance of the selected machine is suitable for hotel laundry?

1. Machine structure


1.1 External structure of the machine: The appearance of the machine is the most intuitive judgment of the equipment. Of course, it does not mean that everyone should determine the performance of the equipment according to the color and shape of the laundry room equipment. Of course, it is also possible to know whether the machine is durable according to the external structure, such as the equipment shell. Whether it is made of stainless steel, and whether the functions of the computer version can meet the needs. For example, the computer version of Foshan GOWORLDs suspension washing machine can directly select the washing program for different fabrics, and start it with one key, the position and size of the feeding port, the water inlet The number and size of the laundry room equipment can also know whether the laundry room equipment can be washed quickly with water.

1.2 Internal structure of the machine: The internal structure of the machine is the main factor affecting the performance of the laundry room equipment, such as the craftsmanship of the machine, the quality of the internal parts, etc. It is a bit difficult for inexperienced buyers to study and judge the interior of the machine. However, Foshan GOWORLD will lead you to choose the most suitable laundry room equipment for your hotel.


1.3 Machine running status: Although it is difficult to judge the internal structure, there are some intuitive ways to know the internal structure of the equipment. Buyers can judge the performance of the equipment through the running status of the washing machine, and the high-performance laundry room equipment runs smoothly. , quiet, high cleaning rate of laundry washing, low water consumption and power consumption, low water content after dehydration


Therefore, when purchasing hotel laundry equipment, you should not be too obsessed with the price of the machine, but also pay attention to the comparison of the performance of the washing equipment.

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