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Hotel linen washing equipment production mode change greatly

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-06

from mass production to the transformation of personalization, hotel linen washing equipment manufacturers to introduce 4 in industry. Under the era of the production process, will realize the great freedom and flexibility, through in each link to implant the user interface, a new production system to be different according to different customers and products for design, procurement, production planning, processing and distribution, in extreme cases can also undertake personalized sheet, the sheet and product design, manufacturing, distribution and other links can be profitable. Hotel linen laundry equipment is introduced in this process, the customer by the part into the whole participation, they will appear at the ends of the production process, not only will also be widely, in real time to participate in the whole process of production and value creation.

from manufacture to a service-oriented transformation of production hotel linen washing equipment introduce service-oriented manufacturing is the important direction of future industrial transformation, more and more manufacturing enterprises will be around the product whole life cycle of each link and embrace can bring the market value of value-added services, to provide products to provide services into a large number of elements of the combination of products and services.

hotel linen washing equipment is introduced from elements drive to innovation-driven transformation, hotel linen laundry equipment manufacturers to introduce 4 in industry. , in the era of cheap labor, large-scale capital investment to drive the development of the traditional elements such as pattern will be unsustainable, mobile Internet, cloud computing, Internet of things, big data such as the integrated application of a new generation of information technology in the manufacturing, will lead to the industrial chain of open innovation, together with the customer's participatory innovation, manufacturing technology, the full range of products, technology, service innovation, at the same time will encourage and new technologies, new forms and new mode, so as to arouse the whole society innovation, entrepreneurial passion, accelerate the transformation from traditional elements drive to innovation driver.

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