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Hotel need to what kind of laundry equipment

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-07

China has become the world's economic superpower, not just because of the development of housing industry, the acceleration of urbanization, and many other industries upgrades and development are inseparable. Such as washing and dyeing industry development, and economic development are inseparable. Many in those days few thousand square meters of production plants, were now become QiBaQian square meters of factory building. Before a single production line, also introduced a lot of European and American developed countries high-tech production technology, built more high-tech production lines. And not only is the kinds of laundry equipment is on the rise, only the types of industrial washing machine, can open an exhibition. But for a lot of laundry equipment of enterprises, there are still a lot of entering into this area of investors, is not very understand in addition to industrial washing machine, also need to acquire what equipment.

may see in our daily laundry factory, in dry cleaners, laundry equipment is not a lot of kinds. This is because we are not very understanding, some of the equipment has not been show. And in terms of hotels and hotel laundry plant construction, and we saw the ordinary dry cleaners on the market, also has the obvious difference. Dry cleaner's homework is primary, but for advanced hotel and the guesthouse, was not able to reduce their requirements. Dry cleaners accepted some cleaning work, most is a person's clothes clean. But for the hotel and hotel, not just the clothes washing, there are many hotel cloth grass, also need regular cleaning.

table cloth such as hotel, hotel and hotel room in the bed sheet, quilt cover, pillowcases and curtain, etc. , these linen cleaning, laundry equipment is simply can't afford. Want to comprehensive cleaning and pressing the cloth grass, still need to use to industrial dryer, ironing machine, folding machine and so on laundry equipment. Only acquire the complete set of equipment, hotel and hotel laundry factory, can be called a professional laundry plant.

but the prices of these devices, but not a small hotel and hotel to withstand. So at the time of purchasing and planning, the businessman also need according to their own situation, to concrete are analyzed and selected. But we want to know is that the use of some machines, is better than manual operation efficiency, much higher. Then set up laundry in hotel or the factory, not only should consider the application of laundry equipment, but also to the workers, the professional quality of laundry factory. After buying expensive equipment, also should have professional person to use.

there are a variety of products on the market, everyone also has a lot of, the choice of washing amphibious models, tend to wash off line than the original, with higher efficiency.

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