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Hotel sheets washing method have? The hotel bed sheets washing skills have?

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-06

many hotels will use white sheet, now looks very fashion, but also give a person a kind of clean and tidy and clean. But white sheet cleaning up is very troublesome, need to pay attention to cleaning method. Today we let small make up to get to know the next year about what sheets washing method and hotel sheets washing skills related introduction, what are the hope can help you.

hotel sheets washing method have?

1。 Notice first is hotel laundry equipment in the washing process for whitening disinfection effect of excess bleach problem that is very bad, remember must amount to appropriate, so as to ensure the quality. Every 45 kg are advised to keep clothing and 0. The concentration of 95 kg of 1% bleach can extend the life of the fabric and improve the quality of washing. And after washing should be neutral and clean. This can not only increase the service life of the sheet bedding bag, also can let the hotel washing work more reasonable.

2。 Hotel laundry equipment sheets in washing sheets while you pollution levels as well as fabric, if these all will affect the washing effect. Generally speaking, the blending of the sheets with hotel after laundry equipment wash 150 times should replace the new sheet. The life of the pure cotton short some. Hotel laundry equipment wash good sheet, can use intentionally two head backwards, so wear is more even, to some extent acceptable to the sheet. At the same time, it can save some cost to a certain extent. The main or pay attention to the hotel cleaning work to do, so it is easy to raise its service level, also can ensure the interests of the hotel.

hotel sheets washing techniques have?

1。 Sometimes accidentally put the pen in the ink onto the bed sheet bedding bag, can use this formula to washing, in addition to the textile on ball-point pen oil alkyl phenol polyoxyethylene ether can be 16%, monoethanolamine 12%, three ethanolamine. 4. 2%, 11% propylene glycol, butanol, alkyl benzene sulfonic acid sodium (7 13%. 5%, secondary alkyl sulfonate 3. 15 7%, 7% acetic acid and water. 6% mixing, match into remover. Can easily remove the pen oil spot and so on, and can be cleaned, a trace. Let the hotel washing becomes more simple and easy.

2。 There are some practical and simple to remove stain 'fade' configuration method, easy to handle cleaning work of hotels, method is to a concentration of 30% hydrogen peroxide 0. 4 5 ml with distilled water. 5 ml diluted, and then add the concentration of 5% oxalic acid 5 ml, concentrated hydrochloric acid is 0. 39 7 ml, then use alcohol. 3 ml diluted, in 50 ml dropper bottle 'fading spirit'. Can effectively remove hard to wash off with soap, such as blood, ink color stains. When used to smear wetting with water, then add a few drops 'fading', scrub with the brush, after waiting for stain removal with clean water again. If you want to clean of coloured ink stains on cloth, do not make contact with the agent should be paid attention to the pattern and make pattern fading. The agent should be matched with now, should not be stored, and concentrated hydrogen peroxide can burn the skin, protective gloves should be worn when making up, do not make concentrated hydrogen peroxide stick to the skin.

although hotel sheets clean up trouble, but to master the skill of cleaning or can wash the white sheet is very clean. Above is about what sheets washing method and hotel sheets washing skills what related introduction, hope is helpful for everyone. For cleaning the hotel bed sheets, must master the skills, to pay attention to the steps and methods of the cleaning.

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