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Hotel washing equipment

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-04

hotel washing device contains washing machine, dryer equipment, folding machine such equipment equipment, four block for mechanical equipment. Washing machine washing equipment is refers to the clothes washing device, a single wash, wash, washing and so on several kinds of dehydration. The dryer type of laundry equipment is will finish washing clothes drying device, folding machine type of laundry equipment is after drying clothes folding equipment, for machinery have ironing machine, scouring machine, clothing machinery, transportation and laundry steam generator. Hotel laundry equipment specific equipment list is as follows:

1, automatic dry cleaners ( Dry cleaners) 。 Suitable for washing cotton, wool, wool, chemical fiber,? ( Chlorofibre, artificial leather, pleuche) , blankets, fur and feather, fur, etc. The dry cleaners are now using the computer control, a high degree of automation. All kinds of valve pneumatic or electric control is chosen mostly. Can be implemented with liquid, loop filter, drainage, take off the liquid and drying, etc. The whole process of automation. The internal structure, such as dry cleaners, roller and so on multi-purpose stainless steel cylinder body.

2, automatic washing machine ( Washing machine) 。 Applicable to the guest room bed cloth, towels, towels, window cloth fabric, cloth art restaurant tablecloth, napkin, rooms, staff uniforms, such as cleaning efficiency with cloth art the washing. Automatic washing machine by programmable microcomputer automatic control, high degree of automation. Use full suspension cylinder structure, the body trembling is lesser, have security safe, good shaking resistance, etc. Can be automatic/manual manipulation of the washing machine water, washing period, qing dynasty times and dehydration time distribution. All kinds of pneumatic control valve selection, adjustable, easy to be repaired.

3, automatic dryer. Suitable for washing and dewatering of various types of linen and uniform fabrics, etc. Its characteristics: automatic control of drying time distribution, automatic cis, running and drying, after will automatically stop, then release the signal. With a large glass, toughened glass may at any time check the status of the clothes to dry. Automatic dryer is made more cabinet, compact structure, covers an area of less.

4, ironing machine automatically. Applicable to the guest room bed sheet, quilt cover, restaurant table cloth fabric, such as washing. Its characteristics: use frequency control of motor speed technology, which has two kinds of steam and electric heating function. According to the requirements of different fabrics and ironing condition to choose suitable ironing speed and method. Wetted with equipment and positive and reverse operation function. In addition, also can choose to have pressed gently fold function ironing machine.

5, automatic folding machine. And applied automatically ironing machine, applicable to the guest room bed sheet, quilt cover, dining-room table cloth, etc. , can greatly work power. Its characteristics: computer control, longitudinal fold and the number of cross breaks according to fabric range, thickness and self correction. Travel have active diagnosis function, can double small linen pressed folding ability, reduce the energy consumption of equipment. With active diagnosis, safety protection, checkpoint active maintenance and other functions.

6, whole very hot washing equipment. Primary scouring machine, automatic portrait machine, ironing machine, the work clothes pin machine, suction wet machine, etc. Its characteristics: a. Scouring machine: with a vacuum suction wet function. Selects the volute blower, and equipped with scouring gun, water gun, air spray gun, steam gun, etc. , to meet the needs of different users to remove stains. b。 The uniform of the automatic portrait machine: used for various integers, finalize the design, etc. c。 Clip stamping machine: used for wool, synthetic fiber and wool trousers seam, collar and other stereotypes ironing processing, can also together the wrinkles in the article such as tablecloth, napkin, handkerchief, small area first used to deal with the fabric of ironing after dry cleaning. d。 Work clothes pin machine: used for pure cotton, blended textile material pants seam, collar and other stereotypes ironing processing, can also together the wrinkles in the article such as tablecloth, napkin, handkerchief, small area is mainly used in washing ironing fabric after processing. e. Wetted machine: mainly as clip ironing machine, scouring for equipment of form a complete set.

7, steam generator, the steam generator primary for laundry inside the steam supply. Use steam to run many washing equipment demand, steam generator is dedicated to supply the equipment used.

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