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Hotel washing equipment and voltage matters needing attention

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-05

laundry room at the hotel, hotel of laundry equipment, not only has the source of water and steam demand. More main demand, or from electricity. But for the hotel need power laundry equipment, there is a certain power range, at the same time in many ways, there are some matters needing attention. Most of the laundry equipment, including dewatering machine, hotel laundry equipment, dryers, and portrait machine, scouring machine, steam generating, and ironing machine and dry cleaners, etc. , all belong to three phase power equipment.

from the point of view of habits, the 220 v voltage power supply network, known as a single-phase power supply. And 380 v power supply network, it is known as a three-phase power supply. In order to ensure the personnel, the basic security and use of equipment. So at the time of installation of power supply facilities, pay attention to the repeated earthing protection. Once hotel washing equipment enclosure charged, will form a larger current to ground, then can start the protective measures to quickly cut off the power, to protect the safety of the equipment and personnel. This convenient repeated earthing protection, must carry on the color of the sign.

after know the voltage, to know more about the rating of related equipment and equipment, to the use of more secure. Because when the current through the conductor, lead to the conductor heating reaction. And once beauty can ensure the rating, can trigger a dangerous situation. Under normal circumstances, manufacturer of hotel cleaning equipment, there are a sign of rating. As long as the installation power supply, ensure the rating, can fundamentally to ensure that the products use safe and reliable, also can let the hotel cleaning equipment, has a longer service life. To better control the scope of the power supply, also note that the short circuit and short circuit conditions control of distribution network. Short circuit is to point to in certain circumstances, the current does not flow. Once this happens, the generator damage may occur even equipment damage. So when faced with this situation, must prepare in advance prevention, and the timely processing. Can achieve prevention devices, including fuse, automatic short circuit and so on. The hotel access to the circuit of washing equipment equipment, can effectively deal with short circuit. For the same cut-off situation, also want to appeal the attention of this aspect.

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