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Hotel washing equipment characteristics and method of use

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-01

with the increase of people's living standard, the hotel industry also get rapid development, also with its development, including washing industry hotel laundry equipment requirements are also getting bigger and bigger, more people to use the understanding of the features of hotel cleaning equipment and method of use is also more important, it can not only improve the quality of washing of washing equipment, still can prolong its service life, the next will be to share relevant information.

characteristics, hotel cleaning equipment

hotel washing machine adopts horizontal cylinder structure, laundry equipment inside and outside the tube is made of high quality stainless steel refined but become, flat light, corrosion resistance, less wear and no damage of fabric, machine service life is long; Hotel washing equipment series products with novel design, convenient operation, stable and reliable operation, good performance, reasonable structure, sealing, insulation, beautiful and easy, etc.

hotel washing equipment is a more common and simpler and easier maintenance of washing equipment, compact structure, convenient operation and maintenance, reasonable design, stable operation, long service life and its main components, the tank and the shell are made of high quality stainless steel refined but become, has high washing efficiency, cover an area of an area small, beautiful generous, excellent performance, durable wait for an advantage. Suitable for washing all kinds of cotton, wool, hemp, chemical fiber blended clothing fabrics, such as in a garment factory, washing plant, industrial and mining enterprises, schools, hotels, hotels, hospitals, laundry has wide application, is to reduce labor intensity, improve work efficiency, reducing energy consumption of the ideal equipment.

second, hotel cleaning equipment usage

1, better sorting before washing, dirty stain net apart, depth color separate, separate different fabrics, to facilitate control costs and ensure the quality of washing.

2. For some, such as bigger and more difficult to remove the stain fabric should be down to soak before washing, so that after the operation can not only increase the intensity of stain removal, to some extent at the same time also can achieve the purpose of saving cost.

3, after soaking the fabric into the regular washing to master good 'low water level control, must will set aside the position of steam in the process of heating water content, internationally recommended 50 kg washing machine main wash water level should be 15 centimeters advisable.

4, cleaning detergent inputs should be according to the types of dirt and dirty degree of the net amount to increase or decrease, the main washing lotion concentration should be controlled in 0. 3 - 0. Decontamination value of 5% for the standard, the PH value should be between 10 - 12, cleaner can play a good decontamination effect.

5, oily be soiled, dark stain is large, can be added to oil decontamination whitening cream or emulsifier, to remove oil, cream, butter, cream containing oily stains.

6, washing, we can also add the right amount of softener, such operation can rise to repair fiber by mechanical force and wear in the process of washing and rationalize the organizational structure, make the fabric more soft, comfortable, and can eliminate electrostatic effects on the human body, more deepen the washing results.

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