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Hotel washing equipment detergent auxiliary why linen washing process

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-09

hotel washing detergent auxiliary why linen washing process? Detergent auxiliary means can play the special role of detergent, it is different from the main detergent, has the characteristics of can put don't put. And many new users into the laundry room in the actual production will also be asked why linen washing to put detergent builder of this problem, the hotel cleaning equipment manufacturers to share relevant content, hoping to bring help, specific as follows.

grass cloth washing decontamination process is a complex physical and chemical process, involve wide, often by mechanical force ratio of detergent, laundry equipment, washing water hardness, the effects of washing temperature, the hardness of water is an important influencing factors. The greater the concentration of calcium and magnesium ions by the water, the hardness of water, the greater the also the more difficult it is to wash cloth grass. Calcium and magnesium ions form with anionic surfactant insoluble salt and reduce the main detergent decontamination ability.

so, we use the hotel cleaning equipment for washing cloth grass when needs to borrow Lord lotion can effectively remove dirt, but also have the participation of all kinds of detergent builder, so can play a good washing ability. Auxiliary smaller decontamination ability of itself, or no decontamination ability. But the right amount to join, can make to improve our washing effect obviously, or lower the amount of surfactant with.

in ascension hotel washing equipment washing effect at the same time our detergent auxiliary still can rise to metal ions have a rock with or used in ion exchange, to reduce the water hardness, reduce trial wash cloth grass yellowing, harden problems, ensure our washing clean, soft cloth.

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