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Hotel washing equipment how to use

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-09

hotel as a series of laundry equipment for bed sheet, quilt cover, table cloth, bath towel and so on environmental protection water treatment and other industries all kinds of linen cleaning equipment. Due to the good cleaning result, single batch of large quantity, so was deeply loved by the masses of users. But want to achieve the ideal cleaning effect, so we have to master the correct method of use. If so, then the hotel how to use laundry equipment, the specific method of use as shown below.

1, according to the rated capacity of hotel cleaning equipment for loading. Considering the special properties of the linen, we recommend that when loaded every time, should guarantee the hotel cleaning equipment inner barrel has enough volume, from, to ensure that subsequent cleaning cloth grass in it can flip, rub more thoroughly, from in order to achieve more ideal cleaning effect. What specific load, please see what you wash cloth grass, filter cake the size of the impurities.

2, injected a certain amount of cleaning, generally within the cylinder of water should be completely soaked in linen, specific water level control, we can select high, medium and low three levels, at the same time, it can be real-time controlled according to the situation.

3, if hotel has been connected to the steam washing equipment, so please open the steam source, injected a certain amount of steam to the machine. On specific injection of a small amount of steam, it depends on how you intend to use a water cleaning, steam injection is in order to improve the water environment, improving water washing effect.

4, depending on the wash cloth grass, filtrate the nature of the input dose auxiliary cleaning solvent. When the filtrate is acid, we can put a certain amount of alkali, conversely when the filtrate properties is alkaline, so we can put a certain amount oxalic acid.

5, press the start switch, let the machine to run clean, 5 - Turn the power off after 10 minutes, stop the machine, let it soak for about 40 minutes.

6, by the time the locator, set the washing time in 40 minutes, press the start switch again to formally began washing machine.

7, after washing, opened the door of cylinder and observe all cleaning cloth, if not washing net, can again to extend the time of cleaning, until satisfied. On the other hand, open drain valve, water accumulation in the row of net tube, has been washing linen rinse or dehydration operations.

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