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Hotel washing equipment is how to wash the sheets

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-15

hotel laundry washing equipment and household washing equipment used in the different, its capacity is larger, more professional laundry program. New hotel washing equipment manually or automatically by the program to control the distribution of detergent, adjust the water temperature, depending on the degree of pollution fabric blending detergent, save energy and reuse of reusable water and high-speed dehydration, etc. It is mainly used for washing linen and free water to wash the clothes, the uniform. Hotel laundry better equipped with the size of the two hotels laundry equipment at the same time, so that we can according to need to use, save energy.

hotel open internal laundry is one of the hotel industry development trend, as a result, according to the requirements of the hotel design in the laundry room is better. If possible, hotel laundry business related area representative should participate in the preliminary planning for in-store laundry rooms.

hotel washing equipment's second big task is responsible for the guest clothing washing and ironing service. This is not only the hotel to the guest to provide a service content, at the same time, is also a important way for hotels to achieve economic income.

a few large hotel laundry also to the social development, to accept all the citizens of laundry service and small hotel linen washing requirement, thus the laundry is not only the logistics department of the hotel, and become the important profit of hotel department. Laundry equipment work is heavy, and therefore need to provide adequate personnel. If the hotel laundry for social development, the hotel rooms and laundry rooms required personnel objectively exist in certain proportion relationship between in general, the proportion is 1-0. 12 or so, that is to say, the hotel has 1000 guest rooms, laundry room personnel required for about 120 people. And if the hotel laundry and opening to the outside world, according to the size of the laundry room and how much the actual traffic and increasing staff.

the hotel daily washing equipment complete fabric wash press finishing place in great quantities, the effective and reasonable work of management not only can let the hotel washing equipment work more efficient, but also will be customer satisfaction, and enhance the overall image of the laundry room. Hotel laundry as an important department, the housekeeping department of a subordinate its management is scientific, standardized, will directly affect the quality of service to the guest, affect the overall image of the hotel.

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