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Hotel washing equipment maintenance after use

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-15

with the rapid development of economy, the increase of people's living standard, the hotel laundry equipment utilization have become more and more high, but in the use of the hotel must be done when washing equipment inspection maintenance. And more when we carry out some more before use, while ignoring the use after the implementation of the following work. The next hotel washing equipment manufacturers to share laundry equipment maintenance after using the related content, hope you can bring some help.

a, hotel after washing equipment use, we should immediately shut off the electricity, water, air, and stay machine under the constant temperature and static state, its shell, the lining is brushed try, remove residues in the work of all kinds of stains Dian scale.

b, we should timely cleared residues in carrying bags, miscellaneous dust collecting box, foreign body of sundry, for fully automatic washing and industrial dryers of this class take cylinder door hotel laundry equipment, we still need to do a good job of cleaning barrel inside, and open the door, let it dry naturally, reduce bacteria breeding and cylinder door sealing ring damage.

c, after using we shall summarize the usage of the record, record the abnormal situation, and for further optimization. For there is abnormal situation we also deal with the scientific and proper treatment in time.

d, for some in view of the heavy pollution bacteria hotel washing linen treatment equipment, we need to carry on the simple when used disinfection to work, to ensure that the body clean, not because of the large residual bacteria in the machine, and affect the actual washing scouring effect.

e, we still need to clean up after using the steam pipe and pipes installed filters, check valve and steam trap work is normal, and the existence of abnormal situation, for timely adjustment or replacement.

f, after use, we should look at the amount of lubricating oil in the oil seal, and the right amount of filling, and we still need to do a good job of check the lubrication of the main shaft, transmission parts, appropriate and effective filling lubricating oil, so as to ensure the flexibility of operation is normal.

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