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Hotel washing equipment maintenance methods

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-04

hotel washing equipment is of improving the quality of service one of the key points, so hotel laundry equipment in use, can reduce the hotel cost at the same time, also can ensure quality of washing clothes, cleaning, then you need to effectively maintain hotel cleaning equipment. The hotel laundry equipment manufacturers will spring for share hotel washing equipment maintenance method.

1, in order to guarantee the hotel laundry equipment regular maintenance, so the cleaning staff must get into the habit of the correct use of washing machine, usually after work, don't immediately shut down the top of the laundry equipment and shall be equipment with a clean cloth to wipe, dry cleaning equipment of the filter, at the same time also need to open the door of washing machine to make it often ventilated.

2, various industrial washing machine, dewatering machine, dryer, automatic washing we should wait to have a washing machine of equipment on the regular stream disinfection cleaning again.

3, hotel cleaning equipment better kept in dry environment; Ban placed in damp environment, never because of environmental factors and causes the damage of mechanical equipment internal element and shell.

4, when the hotel laundry equipment in use after a period of time, we need to do is clean them on a regular basis, if the detergents and professional cleaning agent.

5, for the south and the coastal cities during the spring precipitation is relatively large, so the washing equipment for hotel cleaning cleaning once more to shorten the cycle. Better way is to equipment in after washing the clothes cleaning every day.

for many washing, washing machine because of the different season, you need to do to protect is also different. We're talking about the spring, so the maintenance of the spring is mainly on the temperature difference is bigger, and winter once hotel laundry equipment use undeserved, breeding ground for bacteria and mold is very easy, and as a result, in the hotel when laundry equipment operation to normal operation, the operation of the above methods.

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