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Hotel washing equipment selection

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-08

hotel washing equipment is applied to each hotel or hotel is used for all kinds of guest room cloth grass or restaurant linen water processing industrial washing machine. To the hotel cleaning equipment in the market at present, as there are types of points, there are size, and so for the hotels how to choose?

at the point of view, both hotel and hotel to buy laundry equipment is to be able to use requirements, to the corresponding period of time to complete a certain amount of grass cloth cleaning processing, so specific selection, should be used is based on their own needs. In considering how to choose the former, we it is necessary to understand the use requirements of their own. On the use requirements, means how long do you wish to accomplish more than a small number of cleaning cloth grass.

just like you are the hotel, you can wash the linen room cloth grass, so your room number is fixed, the corresponding occupancy believe you also know that, then you have to do is to calculate the weight of single room cloth grass, and then through the formula: room number * * single occupancy rate room cloth grass weight/work hours = washing capacity: per hour. More final calculated by the use of single hour washing capacity: is your demand.

and you are a hotel, for example, you have to wash cloth grass in addition to the guest room cloth grass outside, still can have table cloth, tablecloth, chair cover, etc. This kind of restaurant linen napkin, and and all kinds of bath robe, bath towel, towel, such as the bathroom linen, and all kinds of business again hoo cloth grass, the corresponding calculation method is the same, the difference is you will need the data accumulation, more it is concluded that the use of a comprehensive demand.

to know the use requirements, and then to choose hotel washing equipment is relatively simple. Per hour the washing capacity: you choose corresponding capacity of hotel cleaning equipment. And to choose what kind of hotel is the washing equipment, to this, think, comprehensive use effect, the product performance and the degree of automation, single machine with multiple functions to a body wash, rinse, dehydration, and can real time based on user demand for a variety of parameter Settings of automatic washing, will be your good choice.

there is, for the hotel, because of the cloth to clean the grass sort is more, the nature of the use of all kinds of cloth grass place, dirt, so if we should accomplish the special special conditions. Like the table cloth, tablecloth, chair cover this kind of heavy oil in restaurant linen, we should choose a dedicated hotel washing equipment for cleaning processing. Though this will enhance our budget, but it can guarantee the cleaning effect, avoid unnecessary series washing problems.

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