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Hotel washing equipment simple fault elimination process itself

by:GOWORLD     2020-10-31

hotel washing water is normal, but the bucket of water or washing fault maintenance. The fault is caused by improper use. Because hotel washing equipment drainage system is to use powerful drainage, drainage pump itself cloth set drainage valve, drain if placed too low, or drains placed too low, or a drain on the ground and into the wash bucket of water, will be suitable drain automatic outflow pail, dolly tub inside naturally water, pressure switch does not work, so hotel washing equipment cannot enter the washing process.

hotel cleaning equipment, more than the water after the water level is still not washing troubleshooting. May appear in the failure pressure switch instead of tube joint, namely after transparent plastic connecting tube from the pressure switch out of control. Open the machine cover, will be out of the transparent plastic connecting tube and the pressure switch to meet again, then will exclude closed washing liquid, barrel cover cover, adjusted the program, restart the hotel laundry equipment, work back to normal.

hotel will be at the end of the water washing equipment, water overflow from a detergent fault maintenance. This phenomenon is the user generally reflect the problems, but not washing equipment fault, but because of improper use detergent. As long as chooses low foam or no foam detergent, won't appear this kind of circumstance. When laundry equipment once appear, spillover phenomenon should immediately turn off the power supply, the program controller clockwise to drainage, and drainage.

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