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Hotel washing equipment which matters need attention

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-14

now we often go out on a business trip, travel, travel, hotel and will go to hotel, requiring for some of the hotel's friends in choosing a hotel must be on their health conditions with some requirements, so as our operation and management, hotel and the hotel's friends how to make our hotel and the guesthouse bedding has a very good health environment is particularly important, now the size of the hotel and the hotel are relatively large, so to clean bedding and comparison, more so for most of the hotels in now in the hotel use of complete sets of washing equipment for washing work.

in recent years, due to the rapid development of the domestic tourism has also driven the rapid development of other services, more typical is the hotel service industry, indirectly led to the development of the hotel cleaning equipment, because more and more new hotel and hotel, also make the hotel has been greatly increased demand for laundry equipment, but each friends really know this product of hotel cleaning equipment? Below small make up to introduce something about the hotel laundry equipment what you don't know

first of all, a set of relatively complete hotel laundry equipment has the equipment? This is about our steps in clean hotel bedding, in general our steps are des - probably The wrinkles - Folding. So a set of complete hotel sheets washing equipment is should be able to complete linen from wash to take off, from dehydration to ironing, from pressed to fold to processing machines. So it should include: washing, ironing machine, folding machine, again and ironing table, etc. This kind of clothing ironing finishing equipment.

second, we're going to change how to choose the use of small make up think it depends on your demand. In choosing elution machine, for example, we might as well accounting out the amount of washing, and then divided by the number of working hours, finally get the quantity of domestic washing unit time, through the washing capacity: to choose the size of the capacity of products. And ironing machine, for example, we can accounting out the sheets to the total number of ironing m first, and then according to the iron drum machine processing capacity to choose corresponding machine.

water washing equipment room of the hotel is very big, so the general drainage requirements under the condition of relatively high some, if the laundry set should be equipped with a pump in the basement; Add detergent or a detergent in excess levels in sewage, drainage method cannot according to the ordinary to the outdoor, in accordance with the provisions of the first to pass the environmental protection department to install a certain sewage treatment equipment is necessary. In the process of washing and fabric appears unavoidably back, etc. , should be added dust collection equipment to reduce staff for dust suction capacity, ensure delivery work have a good rest and work environment, realize the humanized management.

at last, we have to say the price of the hotel cleaning equipment problem

general hotels need to set up laundry before, must be careful planning and thoughtful consideration to, for the tenant's environmental, health and other factors to consider, if the decision is equipped with laundry in architectural decoration and construction should begin to consider this problem, if consider not comprehensive can affect the tenant's rest environment, affect the traffic of the hotel, so hotel laundry equipment should have certain requirements.

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