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Hotel washing machine for the choice of stainless steel requirements

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-02

all stainless steel hotel washing machine prices although is common semisteel type 2 times, but there are still many users will choose. But only by the consumers are willing to spend more cost to choose the type of stainless steel washing machine, hotel is took a fancy to their has the following characteristics.

the first is rust corrosion resistance is strong, a true sense of the whole stainless steel hotel except pulley and motor machine is the rest of the parts are made of stainless steel ( Is often SUS304, SUS316 stainless steel) The characteristic of this type of hotel washing machine is more significant is the enhanced ability to resist rust corrosion, it not only can be applied to some acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive elements of filter cloth cleaning, but it can also be applied to some big humidity, high temperature, so it can be not only applied in the coastal cities.

followed by the wide field of application, because it is full stainless steel material, so the filter cloth can wash naturally more extensive. Practice shows that the whole stainless steel hotel washing machine not only can be applied to various textile mills, garment factories, sugar and so on regular cleaning of the filter cloth, at the same time also can be applied to each grain and oil, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental protection water treatment, electrolytic manganese, titanium dioxide, citric acid, and other fields applied to some special non-standard filter cloth to clean.

moreover is convenient cleaning, because it is full stainless steel material design, so the antibacterial rust resistant ability is strong, because its antibacterial rust resistant ability is strong, so our cleaning after daily use is more convenient, practical production has been completed, we only need to open the discharge valve, then keep pouring water into the machine can be realized in the cleaning process. Stay after cleaning, and then try to use clean cloth to wipe, can still hotel washing machine a clean body. At the same time decrease the difficulty of our cleaning, also rules from the stainless steel hotel washing machine is difficult to clean.

again and be cleaned thoroughly, said the whole stainless steel hotel washing machine filter cloth clean more thoroughly than and steel models, that is largely because, using semisteel hotel washing machine in clean the filter cloth of corrosive substances, corrosive substances chemical reaction with the inner cylinder, resulting in some foreign impurities of other classes, and these will inevitably mingled in foreign impurity is cleaning filter cloth, which affects our washing effect, appear more to wash the dirty, or affect the normal filtering effect.

later is more durable, because of full stainless steel material, so the rust corrosion resistance is strong, and rust corrosion resistance is brought about by the increasing service life of ascension, practice shows that the same hotel environment and work under pressure to use the washing machine, all stainless steel type than we use at least 3 - half steel type 5 years, not only that the water leakage, leakage, burst such problems of this kind of failure probability are much smaller.

so, the stainless steel laundry equipment or more, the advantages of the hotel and can bring us the actual effect is more obvious. So for you might as well consider more when choosing hotel washing machine all models of stainless steel. But we also need to remind is, for some of the filter cloth washing without corrosive substance and application environment good users, choose cheaper price of semisteel or only for stainless steel cylinder inside and outside of the hotel washing machine also do not have too great relationship.

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