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Hotel washing machine - Hotel linen stubborn stains cleaning method

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-19

sweat, blood, oily be soiled, lipstick stains, coffee stains, tea stains, mildew spot, rust and other stubborn stains, how purify? The following hotel for washing machine manufacturer about solve for you.

years old perspiration, remove with ordinary detergent? If it's just been sweat soaked cloth grass, can be soaked with water immediately, and then after with soap and laundry cream knead, rinse with water. Use the washing machine to clean hotel, general with enzyme washing powder, also very effective to remove perspiration. If was pulmonary perspiration, the remove method is more complicated, can wash (with 1% ammonia water first Water temperature of 40 ℃ - 50℃) With 1% oxalic acid solution ( Solution or lemon juice) After washing, then wash with detergent knead, more with 30 ℃ warm water rinse clean.

cloth grass accidentally touched some blood, how to wash more thoroughly? Use the washing machine to clean hotel, to wash in cold water, avoid by all means use hot water, lemon juice and salt water can remove the old blood. When deodorize, more important is to cold water wash, do not wash with hot water. Clean the general blood, many enzymatic detergent and scouring, have the effect of removal of blood. The old blood can also use the lemon juice and salt water to wash. For stubborn blood has a more troublesome but more effective solution, is to use 2 borax, 1 10% concentration of ammonia and water mixture of 20 wipe and, after waiting for blood to remove, and then rinse clean with water. If infected with bloody white cloth grass, just add a certain amount of bleach, can remove blood.

be affected with damp be affected with damp with stubborn mildew spot, how to deal with? Remove the new mould, can use brush to brush the mould first, reoccupy laundry soap scrub after besmirch place daub. The stubborn mildew spot, can use alcohol to wipe, after more with enzyme detergent to clean. Use washing machine to clean hotel, according to different color cloth grass, adopt floating lotion or bleach solution to soak of local mildew spot, and then for regular washing.

after infected with oily be soiled, should immediately immersed cleaning? The larger oil stains may require dry cleaning. Small oil spot, the newer oily be soiled, can use net collar or laundry detergent in linen precoat before flooding, with the brush to brush off after five minutes, wash again according to the normal way.

cloth grass with rust? Use the washing machine to clean, hotel will touch the rust of the linen, soaking in oxalic acid solution, washing, and then use detergent or laundry detergent washing, can be removed. However, don't forget, remove rust, in 40 ℃ - 60 ℃ warm water in the washing effect is more significant.

how to wash cloth grass tea and coffee? Use washing machine to clean hotel, remove tea and coffee stains, according to the cloth is white or color to formulate specific washing method. White cotton fabric, you can use bleaching stain cooperate washing liquid and washing powder, to remove the stain; For colored fabric, adopt liquid bleach and detergent washing; For stubborn stains, before washing, soaking with detergent, soak about 15 - After 20 minutes, according to the conventional way of washing.

love makeup girl, who hasn't suffered several lipstick disaster? How to put the naughty lipstick stains off cloth grass 'please'? A method to remove the lipstick stains more effective, is to use brush off clothes first surface residue of lipstick, reoccupy cold water flushing besmirch to dilute the stain, use detergent or laundry detergent soaked clothes after more 20 minutes and then start washing. Use washing machine to clean hotel, lipstick of stubborn stains, can dip in with little brush light gasoline brush, serious can be soaked in gasoline, reoccupy laundry detergent to clean.

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