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Hotel washing machine much enough to buy

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-19

hotel washing machine not only can be divided into fixed and floating, at the same time according to the capacity can be divided into 20, 30, 50, 70, 100, 150 kilograms of types, such as different types of products per unit time can handle cloth grass weight is different, so the question becomes, hotel enough of the washing machine to buy?

want to know you want to buy a washing machine enough how much hotel, so we first must know your hotel linen washing demand is how much per hour. Linen washing requirements per hour is your daily washing of demand divided by the long working hours, so we need to accounting the amount of linen washing daily.

in general hotel to buy a washing machine, cloth grass is used in hotel rooms, restaurant, work uniforms, and other places of cloth grass water processing, so we only to the corresponding linen physical accounting, then in the accumulator.

about guest room cloth grass, we can be calculated, each room 6 kg about restaurant linen, we can each meal a 0. 5 kg, about work uniforms we can each 0. 75 kg to calculate. Thus, accounting is relatively simple, if your hotel has 200 rooms, the occupancy rate is 70%, then daily also has a 140 - room linen needs washing, it also is 840 kilograms of grass cloth, and such as you have 300 people dining, hotel daily so restaurant linen daily washing for 150 kg. A

accounting after total grass cloth washing, we are divided by the daily work of time can be calculated the number of linen per hour need to handle, if you need daily processing 800 kilograms of fabric, your laundry to work 10 hours a day, then hours alone handles 80 kilograms of grass cloth, the perspective, we 100 kg of washing machine is more suitable for your hotel ( 100 kg washing machine is a single hotel 80 kg better wash cloth grass, in the 40 - single working cycle time 50 minutes or so) 。

believe fit through the above formula calculation you can know that you buy big hotel washing machine, here we need to remind is, the hotel is different from the domestic washing machine washing machine, the price is more expensive, use fixed number of year is longer, so we consider that when accounting business development, try to buy a bigger.

at the same time for subsequent production is normal, as far as possible when we purchase pieces, that is to say, you need a hotel 100 kg washing machine, so try to buy 2 units 50 kg, so they can effectively avoid the actual production when a damage, another can be normal use, not laundry can't work the problem.

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