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Hotel washing technology in improving washing equipment

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-08

hotel to be removed from the purpose of washing contaminated laundry equipment, we are constantly explore and improve the method of hotel cleaning equipment, the original hotel washing method is to clothing after flooding, with the hand rub, knock with sticks, with the foot, flooding is used to dissolve the dirt, rub your role is to produce mechanical force, dirt after absorbing water swelling and dissolving, knead in the process of receive mechanical force from the fabric, so as to achieve the purpose of washing. Because there are many kinds of dirt, there are soluble in water, soluble in organic solvents, insoluble in other solvents, and insoluble, and so on, so wash effect often is not very ideal.

when people discover and research and development all kinds of detergent ( Such as soap, washing powder, detergent, etc. ) , most of their solution can dissolve dirt, organic solvents can dissolve grease dirt, using different solvents to dissolve dirt, wash effect is basically meet the requirements of the people, now people are still in the research better detergent, in pursuit of a better washing effect. A machine later, people will consider using laundry washing equipment to replace artificial, hotel cleaning equipment to work? It is to produce a mechanical force, instead of the artificial rubbing force, has been dissolved dirt out of the fabric in order to achieve this goal, people studied all kinds of washing equipment, such as pulsator, oscillating, drum, agitator, and so on.

hotel washing equipment principle of potential energy into mechanical power, the advantage of the hotel cleaning equipment is produced by motor driven in drum, drum fabric to a certain height after fabric free fall. Obviously, the bigger the gap, the greater the mechanical force, wash effect is better.

as a result, better effect is fabric from close to the top of the drum, but in practice it is unable to control, domestic and foreign research shows that when the drum is regarded as a clock, washing equipment fall position within the scope of 10 PM to 1 PM, wash effect is good, this also is a basic requirement of machine design. The height of the drop is related to several factors, namely the drum ( Also known as the rotor cage) Such as diameter, liquid level, clothes filling amount, large drum diameter, liquid level, low filling are likely to increase the gap between a low quantity, ensure and improve the height of the drop is an important goal of machine maker.

in practice, we recognize that for the same pollution, strong water imbibition of the fabric is more difficult than poor water imbibition fabric wash, such as wash is more difficult than nylon and cotton, the colour and lustre of material also influence wash effect, such as white cloth is more difficult than black cloth wash, for different kinds of pollution in the same material difference is bigger, such as carbon ink wash is more difficult than plant ash. Hotel now or do more can washing equipment, large hotel washing equipment after exercise, the market now hotel laundry equipment wash quality are possible.

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