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How Effective Steambox Steam Cleaner For Industrial

by:GOWORLD     2020-06-29
Steambox industrial steam cleaner and steam vacuum range plays a major role in industrial cleaning where cleaning is tough and demanding. To be more effective and efficient on the cleaning job, this industrial steam cleaner range has been added to the existing range of commercial steam cleaners available, the JetSteam steam cleaner and JetVac steam vacuum. Steambox industrial steam cleaner range features: * continuous refilling technology * continuous steam production * stainless steel TIG welded boilers with interchangeable heating elements * patented true temp technology * stainless steel outer casing * built-in trolley * large heavy-duty tool kits * hot water or detergent injection (selected models only) Steambox is available in three different models with 6-10 bar pressure in single or three-phase power suitable for high-end industrial and commercial cleaning. This industrial steam cleaning machine can be made to order with mains water supply, dual detergent and hot water injection, water filtered vacuums, boiler size and power supply. Steambox range of industrial steam cleaners and steam vacuums produce 94 percent dry steam vapor, which helps reduce water consumption by up to 90 percent. Believe it or not, this cleaning machine when operated continuously can only consume as little as 5Lt/hour compared to traditional methods. Therefore, Steambox industrial steam cleaner makes it ideal to clean areas like: * Food Processing -- remove food build-up; speed clean and sanitize machinery and equipment and conveyor belts in one step * Factories -- clean machinery covered with grease; deep clean oily floor, carpet and the hard to reach areas * Large Commercial Kitchens -- deep clean, sanitize and restore kitchen tools and equipment, disinfect walls, floors, ceilings and other kitchen surfaces making it hygienic Benefits and Advantages * Saves water up to 90 percent * Reduce the need for cleaning chemicals * Cleans, sanitize and disinfect most surfaces on contact * Saves time and labor cost
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