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How much money hotel large washing machine equipment price

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-20

hotel large washing machine equipment, also known as the industrial washing machine equipment, say is applied to each hotel laundry room, restaurant in various hotel linen, linen, recreation and cloth and all kinds of work clothes or other linen fabric washing processing capacity of more than 20 kg of industrial washing machine. Then the hotel how much is a large washing machine equipment price?

before understanding of hotel large washing machine equipment prices, we first to get to know the current market of the hotel has a large washing machine equipment is which a few kinds, what are the suppliers and domestic manufacturers have what, what are the imported brands, various types, the scale is, where is the difference between brand products. About the classification, in the market at present the hotel large washing machine equipment mainly could be divided into two types: regular and automatic discharge.

ordinary said is our regular automatic washing, while automatic unloading type refers to the tilt of discharging type washing. Two kinds of washing machine performance is the same, different is loading on the different ways. The latter can be implemented in the washing, after the completion of forward tilt Angle, eventually achieve the goal of automatic discharge. And as more difficult production, production cost rising, so the price nature also is higher. In general, the same capacity of automatic unloading of more expensive than ordinary 2 - 30000 yuan.

is not only have different types, for different sizes of hotel, large washing machine equipment capacity corresponding choice are also different. High demand tends to buy a large capacity, demand small buy of small capacity, less room. According to the capacity of the existing 20, 30, 50, 70, 100, 120 kg, etc. Capacity is larger, machine size bigger, manufacturing cost is high, the higher the corresponding price nature also. A 20 kg type hotel large washing machine equipment prices for 20000 yuan. While a type 120 kg capacity of up to 6 - 70000 yuan.

brand can also determine the hotel large washing machine equipment prices, according to the current brand basically has 3 kinds, 1 kind is represented by Europe and the United States imported brand, one class is represented by the domestic manufacturer of domestic high-end brand, type 1 is represented by the domestic general factory of homebred brand in general. Three kinds of brand hotel large washing machine equipment, the product quality, sales and service performance differences in ability, makes the actual price is also different. Often, homebred brand generally cheaper prices, domestic high-end is domestic general 2 times, and imports are domestic high-end - 1 2 times.

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