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How to buy 50 kg washing machine and fully automatic washing machine hotel structure

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-16

with the continuous development of science and technology in our country, especially the progress of the production technology of the laundry equipment, a variety of specifications and various types of hotel washing machine began to be production, manufacturing, then according to the size of the capacity can be divided into 20 kg, 30, 50, 70, 100 hotel washing machine, etc. Today the company is to analysis of 50 kg hotel washing machine for you to choose.

50 kg washing machine with 100 kg hotel machines, obviously much smaller capacity, but compared to the home, or a relatively large capacity, so the hotel the bearing capacity of the washing machine is a problem, how to calculate the capacity of the hotel washing machine, actually this related to the size, and cylinder because on the premise of know drum size of cylinder volume can be calculated, thus obtains the hotel washing machine is adequate or inadequate.

now we know the manufacturer of hotel equipment washing machine has a lot of kinds, but some of them have the manufacturer of opportunistic, some manufacturers have 50 kg of hotel washing machine as 70 kilograms of selling, as a buyer, I remind everyone have to strictly control the company this piece, don't make those undesirable businessman an opportunity that make black-money.

hotel washing machine structure

1, the hotel washing machine adopts full computer LCD man-machine dialogue interface, large Chinese display screen, there are 30 different washing procedures to choose from, can meet the requirements of any washing, full realize the automation of washing, bleaching, tide, etc. 2, USES the suspension vibration absorber structure, match with spring damping system, low vibration. 3, can place on any floor security, don't need to do a foundation. 4, adopt import frequency conversion system, convenient speed regulation, stable starting low noise, energy saving effect is obvious, the transmission structure is simple and reliable. 5, automatic washing machine is fully enclosed hotel after drainage frame structure design, reduce the pollution and keep the work place dry clean. Cylinder inside and outside are all stainless steel. To improve the service life. 6, the stainless steel refining gate, pneumatic safety device, greatly improve the safety in use. 7, fully automatic washing machine is more advanced than semi-automatic washing machine hotel, more human.

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