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How to buy hotel according to the hotel room for washing capacity: the washing machine?

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-16

1, for such places as hotels, hotels, guest houses, hotels of choose and buy washing machine is to provide their places of linen processed. So on the premise of know his room number how can we buy hotel washing machine?

2, after know his room number, we need to calculate the weight of the each room routine to wash cloth grass, and then multiplied by the room number, total weight of linen. And then to calculate every single hour washing equipment capacity, with the capacity of each hour to multiplied by the number of hours per day, a will to choose more appropriate or washing machine is more close to the hotel product.

3, we are in a 100 - room hotel as an example, introduces the specific calculation. In general regular pattern of normal hotel room occupancy, the daily need to wash cloth grass have a sheet, bedding bag, two pillow cases, 4 2 bath towel, towel, the total weight of 2. 5 kg or so, that is to say, every room is 2. After the 5 kg, then multiplied by the 100 - room is 250 kg. That is to say 100 - room hotel linen washing capacity: 250 kg per day.

4, below we'll learn each washing machine under single hour linen processing amount, the actual loading capacity for hotel washing machine is controlled at about 80%, single washing cycle time will be about 50 minutes. That is to say, the specifications of the hotel linen washing machine single hour handled respectively for 20 kg for 18 kg, 30 kg for 28 kg, 50 kg of 48 kg, 70 kg to 67 kg, 100 kg to 96 kg.

5, our laundry to work 10 hours a day to calculate, so hotel type 30 kg laundry equipment with daily processing capacity of 280 kilograms of grass cloth nature is more close to a hotel in the washing machine. That said, that is to say 100 - room buy 30 kg washing machine is more suitable for the hotel.

6, believe that after more useful doubt to each will have their own hotel occupancy rate, actual operation can't be filled with each and every day, then configure washing machine can waste? To point out is that we offer you this solution is to consider the greater demand, so once after weigh the occupancy and go buy laundry equipment, then it is easy to cause the problem of expanding of the machine is not strong.

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