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How to calculate the equipment supporting for laundry room?

How to calculate the equipment supporting for laundry room?


To know how much washing equipment is required for a company's laundry, we first need to know the total weight of work clothes that need to be washed every day. Assuming that an industrial and mining enterprise needs to wash the work clothes of 1000 employees every day, and the weight of each set of work clothes is assumed to be 1.5kg, the total amount of linen that needs to be washed every day in the laundry room established by this factory is approximately 1000 * 1.5=1500kg.

If the laundry works for 8 hours a day, the amount of washing per hour is about 1500/8=187.5kg.

The dried linen is heavier than dry linen because it is washed and dehydrated, generally about 1.3 times the weight of dry linen, which is 187.5kg of work clothes. After being washed and dehydrated, before being put into the dryer, its weight is about 187.5 * 1.3=243.75kg.


Based on this calculation, the editor recommends that the laundry be equipped with two 100 kg washing machines, two 100 kg dryers, and one 50 kg dryer.

There are generally two types of companies that need to establish laundry:

One type is industrial and mining companies, where the work clothes of employees are mainly dust stains on the mining ground. For such industrial and mining enterprises to establish laundry rooms, there are mainly two types of laundry equipment to purchase, one is washing equipment, and the other is drying equipment. Depending on the amount of washing, the washing equipment can be either a washing machine or a washing dragon system. The main difference between the two lies in the difference in washing volume and washing workflow. The washing machine is suitable for laundry with a daily washing capacity of less than 10 tons. If the daily washing capacity of linen exceeds 10 tons, it is recommended that you use a washing machine at this time.


For a laundry that uses a washing line to wash linen, we only need to use a dryer to dry our work clothes after they are cleaned.

If you are using a laundry dragon system, you will need to go through 2 more devices to complete the following work. The first is a dehydrator, because a laundry dragon does not have a dehydration function, you need to use a dehydrator to remove most of the moisture from the work clothes, and then transfer it to a dryer, which can be used to dry the work clothes.

Some people may wonder why the laundry system seems so troublesome, so why do I suggest that everyone use a laundry system with a daily washing capacity of more than 10 tons. In fact, the laundry dragon system only seems troublesome, and those who truly understand it know that when used, it not only involves less manual operation, but also saves water and electricity and reduces the production cost of the laundry compared to washing the same linen on a single machine.

The second category is electronic equipment manufacturers, which often have high hygiene requirements for work clothes. When purchasing washing machines in the laundry room, the editor suggests that isolated washing machines can be used. This washing machine has a double door structure, which can effectively avoid contact between dirty and clean work clothes and reduce pollution.

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