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How to change the hotel washing machine water seal and maintenance work?

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-12

a, in the daily washing, with fully automatic washing machine water seal leak hotel, presumably each washing room boss more headaches, so how to replace the water seal? Due to its quality, it is not easy to damage, carries a lot of work every day, in the case of high strength work, for the replacement of parts is inevitable, the vulnerability of advice to you is to choose the brand or import parts, don't covet cheap service life is long, need again in a short time for secondary replacement, it will cause more trouble.

2, main belt, water seal, belt replacement is very simple, as long as to the market to buy similar specifications of the belt is ok, because the pulley is generally have adjusting device, so the new buy belt fasten some, used on tension in a period of time, general installation with two fingers press 3 - It is advisable to 4 mm, shoulds not be too tight, also shoulds not be too loose.

three general bearing, because the hotel laundry equipment are arrange ushering bearing, generally not too tight, as long as the attention, the bearing to tighten the set screw twisted off line first, some users do not pay attention to the bearing has a little tight set screw, forced demolition handling, easy to damage the bearing, bearing down, after is removed, by means of a water seal of the screw, the old water seal can be removed, according to the specifications of the old water seal, to buy a new water seal can be replaced, pay attention to install slightly wipe some oil, gently push can go up now, actually change the water seal is a very simple thing, as long as the maintenance of the master Ann accomplished according to this method can

4, often maintain the cleanness of motor, the motor in operation, at least 3 meters around inlets, there is no dust, water damage and other sundry, in order to prevent the motor internal absorption, form a short circuit medium, or damage to the wire insulation layer, causing short circuit between box, current, temperature and burning motor. So, there is enough to ensure that the motor insulation resistance, and good ventilation cooling environment, to make the hotel the motor of the washing machine in the long run to keep safe and stable working condition.

5, often keep the motor in the rated power flow working motor overload operation, the main reason is due to the large drag load, the voltage is too low, or is driven mechanical binding, etc. If hotel washing machine overload time is too long, the motor will absorb a large number of active power from the power grid, the current increases sharply, temperature rise, the insulation aging and failure of the motor at high temperature and burning. Therefore, the motor in operation, attention should be paid to regularly check transmission device is flexible and reliable operation; If even the concentricity of shaft standards; The flexibility of gear transmission, etc. , if found to have lag phenomenon, should immediately stop running again after find out the reason troubleshooting.

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