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How to choose a washing machine?

by:GOWORLD     2020-03-08
The washing machine is structurally divided into wave wheel type, stirring type and drum type. At present, most of the products sold in the domestic market are wave wheel type and drum type. The full-automatic washing machine has various washing procedures, which can be freely selected and the working time can be adjusted at will ( Washing 0 ~ 16 minutes, dehydration 0 ~ 5 minutes) The working status and washing and taking-off time are displayed on the panel, which can automatically handle dehydration imbalance ( With various faults and high and low voltage automatic protection function) , The end of work or power failure will automatically power off, no need to look after, to ensure safety. It also has the function of soaking and hand washing water flow. At present, some laundry equipment also adopt fuzzy technology, that is, the washing machine can carry out logical reasoning on the information provided by the sensor and automatically judge the texture, weight and dirt degree of clothes, therefore, the best washing time, water inflow, rinsing times and dehydration time are automatically selected, and the dosage of detergent is displayed, thus achieving automation of the whole washing time, convenient use, energy saving and water saving. Wave wheel washing machine is characterized by high cleaning rate, but the wear of clothes is very large. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, silk, wool, wool and so on have entered ordinary families in large numbers, the manufacturer has also introduced a roller washing machine in due course. Its biggest advantage is that the wear rate is small, but the washing rate is lower than that of the wave type, and the price is about 4000 yuan, which is twice that of the wave type automatic washing machine. The full-automatic washing machine has a uniform barrel structure with a washing capacity of 2 ~ 5 kg and other specifications. Its program control is divided into electronic and mechanical. Compared with the two, the electronic type mostly uses touch keys, with beautiful appearance; The mechanical structure is simple and the price is low.

choose and buy a full-automatic washing machine, which can be selected by the following methods.

see: whether the protective decorative layer of the chassis and panel is smooth, with or without defects such as flow marks, layers, obvious wrinkles, scratches, etc. Listen: whether the travel time of the program controller is balanced and symmetrical, and whether there is large vibration and strong noise in washing and dehydration. Test: whether all kinds of buttons, buttons and toggle switches are flexible and reliable, and the pressing wave wheel should be light and free, uniform and without noise; When the test run, open the barrel cover, should be able to cut off the power supply in time and immediately brake; The smaller the vibration and noise of the body, the better. If conditions permit, there should be no signs of water seepage and leakage after the bucket is filled with water. Touch: The inner surface of the barrel, the outer surface of the wave wheel and other plastic parts should be smooth and free of burrs. During the test run, touch the shell with your hand and there should be no 'hemp electricity' feeling. In addition, when buying a washing machine, it is also necessary to check the product trademark, inspection certificate, operating instructions and random spare parts.
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