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How to choose the right hotel washing equipment for laundry room located

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-16

with the rapid development of market economy, now in the hotel are used in large industrial washing equipment, of course, with the development of the society, not just these places will be used to, which will be used there is a lot of laundry to the laundry room when I was in the choice should be to choose according to their requirements, so that we can work very well. Now, however, a variety of hotel laundry equipment have appeared, so what kind of hotel laundry washing equipment is more suitable?

1, hotel cleaning equipment is generally horizontal roller type or fully automatic vertical suspension type, such Settings can save a lot of space, but also can make hotel washing equipment in the process of rotation can fully stir. Hotel washing equipment inside and outside the cylinder is made of highly processed, when washing clothes won't damage to clothing, it will make people better for use. And when to use hotel washing equipment also has certain corrosion resistance, will not appear corrosion phenomenon appeared.

2, hotel cleaning equipment safe and reliable, inner cylinder cover door is equipped with safety lock structure, external door cover according to user requirements can be set electric interlock device, in use process, if the door is not closed, the machine cannot be started, if the door is opened, in the operation of the machine will stop running immediately. Hotel laundry equipment have such treatment is mainly in order to avoid to cause the occurrence of the accident, at the same time also can let people in the use of a grade more rest assured.

3, hotel by motor through a secondary washing machine transmission system transmit the triangle tape to drum spindle. Stable operation without noise in the process of using basic, it is also to ensure that the hotel laundry equipment use for a long time.

4, hotel cleaning equipment is equipped with advanced computer logic control panel. According to the washing process requirement, set the time, which will automatically stop, such control system don't have to keep staff constantly care the hotel cleaning equipment.

5 series, hotel cleaning equipment is equipped with automatic control system for water level gauge and temperature. The user as long as the intake pipe and installation of insulation pipe inlet electromagnetic valve can be automatic heating and temperature control.

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